For the protection of newborns

This may not seem very original, but the best protection for children is simply Baptism.

Through this sacrament, the child (or the grown person) who enters the Christian community weaves an indestructible bond with God, the celestial forces, but also with all other Christians. In the early days of Christianity, immersion in water was complete; today, a few drops of purifying water symbolize the washing of original sin.

Know that baptism is a definitive act, upon which one can not return. At this stage, there are two schools: the one that advocates that every being should be able to choose freely and in conscience to be baptized and the second school, of which we are part, who wishes that this sacrament is realized well before the age of reason. Indeed, we think that it is not conceivable to knowingly leave the smallest part of life apart from the clemency of the celestial kingdom. In our eyes, it is impossible to refuse to the most fragile beings, the divine protection of all the spiritual forces they need, under a false pretext of freedom.

The CIELS can not perform this holy sacrament.
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