1. Mentions imposed by the law of confidence in the digital economy, object of the site www.ciels.fr and designation of parties

The present site is published by the company Esprit Latin, SARL with the capital of 10000.00 €, registered with the trade and companies register of Saintes under the number 790 548 523, and whose registered office is located at BP40 007 with MATHA (17160).

The publisher can be contacted by e-mail at the following address: ciels@wanadoo.fr

This site is hosted by the company OVH, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.

The director of the publication of this site is Mr. Max Dellezigne, who also acts as editor.

This site is freely accessible to all Internet users. Its object is the sale of Christian religious objects.

Subscription to a contract governed by these general conditions, with the publisher of this site, assumes acceptance by the Internet user of these general conditions. The Internet user recognizes by the same fact to have taken full knowledge of it. This acceptance will consist in the fact, for the Internet user, of ticking the box corresponding to the following sentence: " Please accept the terms and conditions of sale before proceeding »

This ticking of the box will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature on the part of the user. The user acknowledges the proof value of the automatic registration systems of the publisher of this site and, except for him to provide evidence to the contrary, he waives the challenge in case of dispute.

Acceptance of these general conditions presupposes that Internet users have the necessary legal capacity for this, or failing that they have the authorization of a tutor or curator if they are unable to do so. , of their legal representative if they are minors, or that they hold a mandate if they act on behalf of a legal person.

2. Order subscription method and description of the purchase process
In order to satisfy the provisions of the law of confidence in the digital economy of 21 June 2004, is described below the order process:

In order to place an order, Internet users can select one or more items and add them to their basket. When their order is complete, they can access their basket by clicking on the button provided for this purpose. The contents of this basket can be kept using the “saved basket” function and constitute a list for subsequent purchases.

By consulting their cart, members will be able to check the number and the nature of the items they have chosen and can check their unit price and the overall price of the order. They will be able to remove one or more items from their basket.

This summary will also indicate to customers the option they have or not to exercise their right of withdrawal as well as the deadlines applicable thereto.

If their order suits them and they wish to validate it, the Net surfers will be able to click on the button to validate, they will then access a form in which they will be able to either enter their logins of connection if they already have them, or to register on the site by completing the form presented to them, with the personal information concerning them.

As soon as they are connected or after they have completed the form, customers will be invited to check or change their delivery and billing information and will be invited to make their payment by being redirected for this purpose on the interface. secure payment.

Once the payment actually received by the publisher of the site, the latter undertakes to acknowledge receipt to the customer electronically, within a maximum of 24 hours.

Similarly and at the same time, the publisher undertakes to send the customer an email summarizing the order and confirming the processing, including all information relating to the order, the products ordered, their delivery as well as the procedures for exercising their right of withdrawal.

In accordance with the legislation in force on the collection of data, the collected information will be exclusively reserved to the publisher and treated confidentially, in accordance with Article 11 of these general conditions which provides in particular a right of access, interrogation and rectification of the data provided.

Furthermore, the publisher undertakes to observe the utmost discretion and to maintain the confidential nature of all information that will be communicated to him during the execution of the various services. It undertakes to enforce this secrecy by all of its staff, in particular through the signing of a confidentiality clause inserted in their employment contracts.

3. Price

The prices indicated on the site are heard in Euros, all taxes included, excluding shipping costs. These prices may be changed at any time by the publisher, the prices shown are valid only on the day of the order and do not have effect for the future.

Delivery charges are indicated to the customer before any payment.

The products and items sold remain the property of the seller until full payment of their price, in accordance with this retention of title clause.

The availability of products is indicated on the site, in the description of each article.

4. Payment Information

The user can place an order on this site and can make payment by bank transfer and bank transfer.

Credit card payments are made through secure transactions provided by the service provider. In the context of payments by credit card, the publisher of this site has access to any data relating to the means of payment of the user. Payment is made directly in the hands of La Banque Postale.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery times defined in the article below start running only from the date of actual receipt of payment by the seller, the latter can provide evidence by any means .

5. Delivery

Orders are delivered by La Poste (Colissimo), or any other carrier designated by the publisher, within a period of 30 working days from the perfect receipt of the price corresponding to the counterpart, by the seller.

Certain products or order volumes may nevertheless justify a longer delivery time, it will be expressly mentioned to the attention of the consumer during the validation of the order.

6. Provisions relating to the rights of the consumer

In accordance with the legislation in force, consumers have a period of 7 days from the date of receipt of the package to request an exchange or a refund. In order to exercise this right, it is their responsibility to return (at their expense) the package to the company's postal address: CIELS - BP. 40 007 - 17160 MATHA - FRANCE, accompanied by a letter requesting either refund or exchange.

Similarly, in accordance with the provisions of Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, consumers may not claim the exercise of any right of withdrawal for orders of all products clearly personalized or made according to their specifications.

Any delay in delivery may result in the termination of the sale at the initiative of the consumer, upon simple written request from him. The consumer will then be reimbursed for the sums incurred by him when ordering. This clause is not intended to apply if the delay in delivery is due to a case of force majeure, beyond the control of the publisher.

In such a case, the client undertakes not to prosecute the site and its publisher and waives the right of cancellation of the sale provided for in this article.

7. Guarantee of the products bought on the present site

All products sold on this site are marketed in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and enjoy all the necessary approvals for their placing on the market. The mandatory displays required by the laws and regulations in force will be made on this site, including the description of each article.

In the event of a defect in a product purchased on this site, customers have, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code in terms of the legal guarantee against hidden defects, a period of two years from the date of observation of the void for request the exchange or refund, and, in application of article L211-5 of the consumer code they will have a period of two years from receipt of said product to request an exchange or refund , in the event that the goods delivered do not comply with the meaning given to this word by the aforementioned article. In order to exercise one of these rights, it is their responsibility to return the package to the company's postal address: CIELS - BP. 40 007 - 17160 MATHA - FRANCE, accompanied by an explanatory letter requesting either refund or exchange. The costs of sending the parcel, in the latter case only, will then be reimbursed to the customer by check or by bank transfer, within a maximum period of thirty days.

8. Exemption from the responsibility of the publisher in the execution of this contract

In case of impossibility of access to the site, due to technical problems or all kinds, the user or the customer will not be able to claim damages and can not claim any compensation.

In case of delivery of a package obviously and obviously deteriorated, it is up to the customer to refuse to enjoy the warranty offered by the carrier. The customer must also inform the seller without delay, so that a new package is prepared, and shipped upon receipt of the damaged package in return. In this case, the delivery times indicated above in these terms and conditions will no longer apply.

The unavailability, even prolonged and without any limitation period, of one or more products, can not be constitutive of a prejudice for the Net surfers and can in no way give rise to the granting of damages and interests on the part of the site or from his publisher.

The visual representations of the products, published on this site, are guaranteed by the publisher as perfectly faithful to reality, in order to meet its obligation of perfect information. However, in the current state of the art, the rendering of these representations, in particular in terms of colors or shape, may vary significantly from one computer station to another or differ from reality depending on the quality of the graphics accessories and the screen or depending on the display resolution. These variations and differences can in no way be attributed to the publisher who can in no case be held liable for this fact.

The risks associated with the use of the products are mentioned on the site and on the product, as well as, where applicable, on the product instructions. By subscribing to these general conditions, buyers declare that they are fully informed of all risks, even exceptional ones, relating to the use of the product which is the subject of the sale. In the event of the occurrence of an undesirable effect not mentioned on this site, on the packaging or on the product leaflet, the consumer is invited to inform their doctor, the manufacturer of the said product or the French health safety agency. health products.

In accordance with article 1386-15 of the Civil Code, the publisher declines any responsibility towards the professionals for the damage caused to the goods which are not used by the victim mainly for its use or its private consumption.

The hypertext links on this site may refer to other websites and the responsibility of the publisher of this site can not be engaged if the content of these sites violates the laws in force. Similarly, the responsibility of the publisher of this site can not be engaged if the visit, by the user, of one of these sites, caused him harm.

9. Mentions relative to the law Informatique et Libertés, of 6 january 1978

Internet users have the freedom to provide personal information about them. The provision of personal information is not essential for navigation on the site. On the other hand, the inscription on the present site supposes the collection, by the publisher, of a certain number of personal information concerning the Internet users. Internet users who do not wish to provide the information necessary for the use of the services offered by this site and, where necessary, necessary for the creation of a personal space, may not use the services offered by the publisher of this website. site or place an order on this site.

As part of an order on this site, information relating to the collection of data relating to payment, including the credit card number and its use for purposes of commercial identification is subject to the collection of consent of the person concerned , through the various forms on the site.

The collected data are necessary for the good administration of the services proposed on this site as well as the respect of its contractual obligations by the publisher. These data are kept by the publisher in this unique quality, and the publisher agrees not to use them in another frame, nor to transmit them to third parties, except express agreement of users or cases provided by law.

The contact details of all users registered on this site are saved for a period of six months, reasonable time required for the proper administration of the site and normal use of data. These data are kept in secure conditions, according to the current means of the technique, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

Personal data collected is subject to computer processing and is exclusively reserved for the publisher of the site.

The controller is Mr. Max Dellezigne, whose details are indicated at the top of these terms and conditions.

The personal data collected are not subject to any transfer abroad.

In addition, the publisher reserves the right to collect the public Internet Protocol (IP) address of all Internet users. The collection of this IP address will be carried out anonymously, it will be kept for the same duration as the personal information and will only be intended for the proper administration of the services offered on this site. The IP address is a series of numbers separated by dots allowing the unique identification of a computer on the Internet.

The publisher must communicate all personal data relating to an Internet user to the Police (on judicial requisition) or to any person (on order of the judge. The IP address of your computer may be reconciled with the effective identity of the subscriber held by the ISP (Internet service providers).

10. Mentions relating to the collection of "cookies"

In order to allow all Internet users an optimal navigation on the present site as well as a better functioning of the various interfaces and applications, the publisher will be able to proceed to the implementation of a cookie on the computer station of the user. This cookie makes it possible to store information relating to the navigation on the site (date, page, hours), as well as any data entered by the Internet users during their visit (search, login, email, password). These cookies are intended to be kept on the user's computer for a variable duration of up to two months, and may be read and used by the publisher during a subsequent visit of the user on this site .

The user has the option to block, change the retention period, or delete this cookie via the interface of his browser (usually: tools or options / privacy or confidentiality). In such a case, navigation on this site will not be optimized. If the systematic deactivation of cookies on the user's browser prevents him from using certain services or features provided by the publisher, this malfunction can not in any case constitute damage for the member who can not claim any compensation from thereby.

Internet users also have the option to delete cookies previously present on their computer, by going to the menu of their browser provided for this purpose (generally, tools or options / privacy or confidentiality). Such an action does not affect their browsing on this site, but causes users to lose all the benefit of the cookie. In this case, they will have to enter all the information concerning them again.

11. Intellectual property rights relating to the elements published on this site

All the elements constituting the present site belong to the publisher and are as such protected by the legislation relating to the intellectual property.

Internet users therefore acknowledge that, in the absence of authorization, any total or partial copy and any dissemination or exploitation of one or more of these elements, even if modified, may give rise to legal proceedings against you by the publisher or his heirs.

This protection will cover all textual and graphic content of the site, but also its structure, its name and its graphic charter.

12. Clause of applicable law, jurisdiction, completeness and non-waiver

These general conditions are subject to the application of French law.

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time by the publisher of the site or his representative. The general conditions applicable to the user are those in effect on the day of his order or his connection to this site. The publisher is obviously committed to keeping all its old general conditions and to send them to any user who requests it.

Except for provisions of public order, any disputes that may arise in connection with the execution of these terms and conditions may be submitted to the publisher of the site before amicable settlement before amicable settlement. It is expressly reminded that requests for an amicable settlement do not suspend the time limits for taking legal action.

If one of the clauses of the present general conditions was to be declared null by a decision of justice, this nullity could not bring about the nullity of all the other clauses, which would continue to produce their effect.

The fact, for the publisher, not to take advantage temporarily or permanently of one or more clauses of the present general terms and conditions, will not in any case take away to take advantage of the rest of the general conditions