Ancient Invocations are powerful "mantras" that you can recite at the Celestial Hours of Angels above, to solicit the help of the celestial hierarchy leaders. They are attested since the first century AD. They were given to us by the first bishop of the Church of Athens, St. Dionysius the Areopagite.


 Ancient invocations


Aor Mikael etebor anator creator

Aor Mikael tetraton anaton creaton

Aor Mikael anateram eternam angelicam


Aor Gabriel tepotras aggeras sideras

Aor Gabriel tetraton anaton creaton

Aor Gabriel imperas pantocratas


Aor Ariel senophra nephrata ethera

Aor Ariel candidi israel

Aor Ariel angelicus animus seculus


Aor Raphael nikator epicrator salvator

Aor Raphael septissima anima terra

Aor Raphael sidentus apotheus


Aor Jehudiel sanctissimi missioni coeli

Aor Jéhudiel epistratos atoponomos

Aor Jehudiel angeli coronati verissimi


Aor Barachiel benedictus manus exhominibus 

Aor Barachiel quadrissimo angelico trono

Aor Barachiel athanatos peristratos


Aor Séhaltiel megalos eukaristos angelos

Aor Sehaltiel sanctus angelicus dominus

Aor séhaltiel hominum salvatorum


Aor Mebahel Israel Nathanel

Aor Mebael seraphim ataturim

Aor Mebael imeron didascalon theon


Aor Mehael salvus deus manus

Aor Mehael terra officina perfecta

Aor Mehael pantocratos ajudos


Aor Nikael decimus angelicus deus

Aor Nikaël prudentia via externa

Aor Nikael imperator dominator alitor

Know also that these Ancient Invocations, apart from their verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment. You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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