Séhaltiel means "Knowledge of God" in Hebrew This Archangel remains in the divine secrets. He is the master of Theology, he is the one who knows why God created the worlds and beings. He has the answers to all questions ...


  • His Vibratory Day: Wednesday.
  • His Vibratory Month: February.
  • Vibratory Number: the 7.
  • Its Vibratory Color: the sky blue.
  • Its Vibrating Fragrances: Jasmine - Peach - Eucalyptus.
  • Its Vibratory Stone: Azurite.
  • His Priority Psalm: 11, to read in the Bible.

The personality of Séhaltiel's proteges

The proteges of Séhaltiel are individualists; they often refuse to submit, to yield or to bend. Why would they, since they often consider the ideas and knowledge of others a dismal banality. They expect few people and they think they can only rely on themselves.

But their personality is more complex than that, because they give the impression of the opposite: they seem open, nice, even "good pear". But do not be fooled, do not be fooled by appearances because suddenly, randomly changing mood, a whim or a crush, they go from one extreme to the other. other. They are absolutely unpredictable.

In addition, they are optimistic, dynamic and enthusiastic, confident in the future, original, even eccentric.

The possibilities of Séhaltiel's proteges

They are most often self-taught because their obsession is to free themselves from the all too common. In some cases where their personality is too exacerbated, they quickly become contemptuous. On the other hand, thanks to their personal way of thinking and their desire for anticipation, they are intuitive.

In their work, they always know how to precede a request or a need. They dare the future by drawing a line on the past. They do not like to wait and are always in a hurry.

It is also interesting to note that they have the ability to know how to flourish in times of crisis. Basically, they love to navigate against the tide and they are doing very well in the end. With their intuition the next day, the interest for innovation and the taste for risk and challenges, we find them in all kinds of professions and more particularly in the liberal professions.

But for them to be happy, they must master their destiny, otherwise they become quickly embittered and jealous.

The feelings of Séhaltiel's proteges

They have to manage this duality: the desire for independence and the desire to be loved. If this happens very well in the field of friendship, it must be admitted that the fact is more delicate in the field of love affairs.

Moreover, routine and sentimental banalities insupport them. In the eyes of their partner, they will often pass for capricious and heartless beings, but in the eyes of their friends, they will be considered indispensable and endearing people.

Most often, he will not seek to make friends, it will be others who want to belong to his small circle. This will generate relationships from one extreme to the other: joys and anger will intersect. But if they have the desire, in one smile, they will know how to forgive everything: it is the strength of the leader!

Séhaltiel's priority areas

You can appeal by invoking this Angel, regardless of your Angel-protector for the following priority areas:

  • To develop the gift of the pendulum, magnetism.
  • To discover sources.
  • To perform the rites of High Science.
  • Know the exam topics.
  • Make a serious decision.
  • To unite the family.

You can ask Séhaltiel for help. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence. If this is the case, click here.

Ancient Summon of Séhaltiel




Know also that this Ancient Invocation, apart from its verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment.
You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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