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I am asking for prayers for my wife, her health (hair loss) and her pregnancy. For our wedding. For a house for the family we are building. For the conversion of my bosses (Jose-Maria, Susana and Gonzalo). For my spiritual director, Father Eduardo Toraño. For the health of us all (my eyes and my sight). […]


For the health of Gina Gómez and her near cirugía, because everything was well, because of the treatment of Mónica Pérez and the safety responded, because she was lucky and in peace. Por Luz y su familia. By Lis and Dalia, by Rosario and Luis.


Lord I entrust to you my mother Clémence Jocelyne who suffers from cancer and an occlusion. Make a miracle for her and all the people who are suffering. Thank you Lord Jesus thank you. Too many people in suffering. May you visit them Lord and ease their pain. Lord you are their last resort. He doesn’t […]


For the health of Mónica Pérez, Lis Chaves, Dalia, Rosario, Gaby Amaya, the mother of Karina, for the Gutiérrez Gómez family, for the vocation of José Agustín, for the González Rodríguez family.


Lord, inspiration of all peace and source of all love, deign to turn your merciful gaze with kindness on my divided family. Have pity on me, you who want unity of hearts and who can help us recreate it when it is broken. Allow a solid reconciliation to take place with my son Frédéric who for […]


my Archangel is Barachiel I would like people to pray for me and my family because I am going through a very very difficult time, me and my family are facing adversity and the wickedness of certain people who work in the security services of my country. 'Algeria date of birth 15.08.1963 country Algeria city […]


For all the deceased of Dimytri Porlon's family may their souls be and rest in peace. All the deceased of the Bevis family, Coezy, Garimé, Malahel, Anthenor, Patole may their souls be and rest in peace. May they all be in heaven. Free them from the souls of purgatory if they are there. Paradise, light […]


I ask for mercy for my great financial difficulty and for me to be able to obtain my highway code. Forgive me my faults and my sins. Amen