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Need help in prayer so that my hiring file is validated following an intervention that will be made this Tuesday, May 09, 2023 by my father with the General Manager of a company in my country.🙏


For the health of María Asunción Valdés, Lis, Gabriela Amaya, Rosario, Dalia, for the corazón of Gina, Agustín, Andrea, Lilian, Luis.


hello, I ask you to pray for me so that I can be delivered from any kind of demon that prevents me from moving forward in life (financial – work – sentimental life). I ask for the grace of a financial miracle because I have a big financial problem. thanks in advance .


I am always short of money. Either people don't pay me for my services, or people promise me jobs but change their minds when it comes to paying me. I still have debts. Please pray for me so that I can get money to pay all my debts […]


I am a liberal nurse and I would like to find my lost patient. I would like to have treatment taken and insulins. Good patients and good patients in safe places.

Marie Rose

Thank you for praying for me so that poverty, diseases go away from me and that I find health and the favor of God the Father. I am in South South Kivu in the DRC