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I ask the Archangel St Michael to intercede for me with God. I was sexually assaulted at my place of study and the attacker Jean-Charles is currently protected by the institution in which I study. I have no proof of my aggression but God Yahweh is witness to what he did to me. He arranged for […]


Do not be afraid ! Open wide the doors of Christ. Dear Christian families, announce with joy to the whole world the wonderful treasure that you carry as domestic churches! To all, Christians, believers and men of good will, I say: do not be afraid to focus on peace, to educate […]


Holy Mother of God and of the Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, You were chosen by the Father for the Son by the Holy Spirit. You are the Woman clothed in the sun who struggles to give birth to Christ, while the adversary, the Red Dragon, waits to devour Your Child. Just as Herod sought to destroy Thy […]


Lord I ask to protect my children in their everyday life, their schooling and their relationships with their classmates. Take a look in particular at my daughter who was harassed at the start of the year in her class and who has difficulty integrating. Send me money in abundance so that my […]


Holy, holy, holy the Lord The god of the universe Holy, holy, holy the Lord The god of the universe Holy, holy, holy the Lord The god of the universe Holy, holy, holy the Lord The god of universe Heaven and Earth are filled with your glory Hosanna, hosanna in the highest of Heavens Hosanna in […]

Boate Mandjo Stephane

Hello Father, I work a lot more but I am not paid well. It is others who benefit from my efforts. This is why, this year 2024, I am asking for: 1) To have luck in all areas of life; 2) Become a billionaire; 3) Defend my thesis in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Congo; […]


“The animal world, like all creation, is a manifestation of God’s power, wisdom and goodness, and as such deserves the respect of man.” Father of us all who fill the spaces; Creator of the visible and invisible Universe, of Animals, Plants, Minerals, men; […]