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For the health of Fina, Lis, Dalia, Luz, Rosario, Ale, the mother of Karina…for the family of GG, for the marriage of G and A, of A and C. for the work of H and of Agustín.


Good evening, I would like to ask you to pray urgently for me and for my fiancée Judith. Indeed, we are both very attacked and persecuted in our thoughts, in our bodies and in our destiny. We ask the Lord to unblock all situations and carry out all our projects. Thank you for your prayers, […]


hello I am attacked by a spider woman who envelops me in the dark and wants to destroy me please pray for me so that I can be freed from this attack, thank you God bless you


Lord Jesus, You knew well the images of agricultural work and rural life and You used them to announce your Gospel to the poor. We pray to you for the rural workers of today, and especially for those among us who devote themselves to the hard work of the fields. Give us the strength of Your Spirit […]


I left my job as a civil servant caregiver in France to return to the West Indies. I am on a fixed-term contract in a private retirement home, the work is difficult and I feel that I am not fairly paid. I am looking for a position in the civil service as part of a transfer. I sent requests. Either I don’t […]


Most loving God, who has written love in our hearts, instills in us the courage to look beyond ourselves, and to recognize our neighbor in those who are different from us, so that we can truly follow Jesus Christ , our brother and our friend, who is the Lord forever and ever. Amen.


I ask the Archangel St Michael to intercede for me with God. I was sexually assaulted at my place of study and the attacker Jean-Charles is currently protected by the institution in which I study. I have no proof of my aggression but God Yahweh is witness to what he did to me. He arranged for […]