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Pray for my big sister BROU YOUWA MARIE FLORENCE who is currently in the hospital on life support. May she be definitively delivered from diabetes cholesterol tension and heart trouble. THANKS


I ask you to pray for me, I have been very ill for almost 4 years. I ask for deliverance, healing and restoration. I can't take it anymore. I need help? I am depressed and anxious. Thanks for everything. Virginia


Thank you for praying to God for me in the name of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus Christ so that I am reconciled with my childhood friend Meliane. God bless you.


Por la salud de la familia Ávila Barragán, por Patricia, Guillermo, Guillermo y Patricio. Por Lis, Dalia, the Gutiérrez Gómez family. Por la salud by Gabriela Amaya and Lupita Serna.


The lord delivers me from all evil spirits (night woman and obstacles), may he also grant me a favor to find a stable and well-paid job.

Tenbell Yetna Son

Good evening, my Angel is Mebael, I seek prayer assistance from the Most High, in the end May he spare me from the problem of innocent justice that knocks at my door May the Eternal cancel this trial Amen

Jean Marc

I ask you to please pray with me for my companion Isabelle who has been tormented by one or more entities for 15 years. may the holy archangels come to his aid. I ask the help of my holy Archangel Gabriel so that he assists me with all the archangels to release her from psychotic torments […]


I ask to pray for me for health help to finish paying my debts for my paschal daughter to find a spouse to have children. also for deliverance, liberation