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Marie Ange

that through the intercession of my guardian angel Sehaltiel the LORD MAY GIVE THE MEANS necessary to me and my partner so that we can cross the part of the marriage this year and approach the holy table


Please pray to God for me in the name of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary so that this year I can obtain a long-stay visa to enter France. My name is Koudeja and I live in Conakry, Guinea.


May the Lord grant me to find the cause of my anaphylactic shock by giving the allergist the means to do so. Thanks to Mary, to her Son Jesus Christ our Lord for having saved me from this violent and sudden reaction. YES I prayed, YES I spoke the Name of Our Savior and He came, Hallelujah! thank you […]


Lord I pray every day that my disabled daughter will no longer be in contact with this pn who is her father, he is a perverse alcoholic narcissistic mythomaniac, violent, crazy bipolar, dangerous, he abused her physically and morally it is high time let the truth about what he did to her come to light and […]


hello, my name is Liliane my guardian angel is Jéhudiel I ask you to pray for me so that I win my case in my fight to have my work recognized, that I succeed in having what should come back to me. the lies, the sorcery that are made against me and against […]


Father Celeste, please deliver me from blockages, from these padlocks that have been put in my professional life. It's been 7 years now that everything I try to put in place fails or crumbles quickly! Whenever I look for professional collaborators or clients, I constantly […]