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I ask that we pray for my little face rabbit for the healing of her prion rhinitis for whoever can seek thanks to all and the one who will pray for her

Olivier dad

I ask prayer to find a good well-paid job, peace, wisdom, intelligence is joy, I find a solution during this me for the schooling of my child, help orphans, widow Amen.


Lord, I ask for infinite mercy on my stagnating professional life and my many financial problems that this tirelessly repeats. Help me better manage my finances and get a job that will allow me to be more fulfilled financially and mentally. Protect my children from this hell. I know that after publishing this prayer […]


Lord, grant me your grace so that my financial and emotional situation can improve. Remove from me all evil barriers that prevent me from moving forward. Lord, lay your hand also on people who have no roof, and who suffer from the disinterest of Men. Amen


Request for a prayer intention for the healing of Wilfried who is suffering, Mother Mary extend your coat of love over him so that he can regain his health. Thank you, Mother Marie, I trust you.


hello I am martina my archangel is MEBAEL I am 65 years old I want to get out of loneliness I want to meet a serious spiritual man with the qualities (honest correct frank loving communication with respect he accepts me in relation to my color of skin etc.) I specify to meet the soul mate


Prayer for my 27-year-old son Alois for his drug addiction. May the prayers made for him free him from this impulse and may he realize that life is precious. Thanking you in advance. So be it