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For my son Shai may the Lord give him academic success and in all areas of his life as well as protection and blessing thanks as well as for his parents Smahene and Bernard


Prayer request for my daughter Cherilyne who has concentration problems and sometimes does not understand the questions for the exams. Pray for her so that she can work and that the light of the Holy Spirit illuminates her memory. Thanks Geraldine


I ask you to help me in my professional life because I am a victim of moral harassment, racism and it makes me so badly. I don't know if I will be able to resist very long. Thanks for your help.


Eternal it is you who has changed the status of bartime I beg you with your right hand come to act for my situation on the file that I have deposited since the month of December. father I beg you act in the name of Jesus


PRAY FOR FRANCOIS IN PITY - He BEGINS AND IMPLORES YOU Francis comes back to you with insistence - Parable of the widow and the judge (Luke 18.1: 8-50) The prayer I need is priceless. To abandon; '“Drunkenness” - I no longer bring my income to neighborhood bars; to give up “smoking” (around XNUMX years of addiction) - […]


Our Lady of the Rosary in this month which has consecrated you intercedes for my requests for employment, the grace of marriage, the grace of childbirth and the blessing of my home as well as my children and my husband. I entrust my clothing business to you so that you can lay your mighty hand on it. Amen

Fatma Zohra

Lord Jesus granted to my daughter Sabrina the total and definitive cure of her cancer She will undergo tomorrow an operation of her left lungs Thank you Jesus for granting him healing and your protection for his daughters Lydia and Maria Thank you Thank you Thank you Alleluia