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I beg all the Saints that I pray every day that my operation be successful that I walk without cane and that the saints heal all my family as well as Duchess and Kaila and protect us all thank you very much I pray every day amen


I would like you to pray for my husband Rosan, so that he can have his transfer. I have been transferred to Guadeloupe since September 2016 and my husband still has not been transferred, he has been available since September 2017. This is causing great financial difficulties. With only one salary it's very hard. thank you in advance


I ask the LORD through the intercession of the archangels, of JESUS, and of Mary, to help my daughter CLARISSE who is passing her baccalaureate and her driving test this year; she is very stressed for fear of failing. I ask you to pray for her because it is a child who […]

jean de god

Lord Jesus, I present to you my past, grant me your mercy. I present to you my present my daily life my daily difficulties Lord you are the only one in whom I put my faith and my hope, fill me with your grace. lord jesus through the intercertioon of joseph your father on this earth and the virgin […]


I come to ask for help and protection for my friend who is in the darkness following occult works which keeps him completely walled in the darkness, that jesu draws to help him to free him from the occults, from the harmful people, to free him from the walls of darkness which keeps him far away […]


I give you my wife EMMANUELLE .K, for varicose veins problems which spoil her existence, and I leave it to the creator, in order to give her a new REGENERATED life in vigor, optimism ...

Martin V

Lord Jesus, I present to you a friend from Pakistan who is going through a deep crisis of despair and is considering suicide as the only solution. He is very difficult to console and reason and thinks of dying in the next few days. Thank you for meeting his heart and his suffering and for giving him peace […]