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I ask angel michael for prayer for my son that he does not listen to me I ask for interjection for my extended families eternal life with the lord the hanna in my heart is destroyed the hanne is not my trut destroys the persecutor of my children all the progress of the l 'Enmmies who want to destroy them

Sabrina Montminy

My God, I entrust to you the unity of the Family and the Kinship I entrust to you all our wounds thank you for coming to heal them deeply because it is towards closing doors so that we no longer see each other as people in the family and kinship . Lead us on new paths and give us […]

Patrick Fierens

My guardian angel, intercede with our Lord so that he can intervene in our relationship Claudine and me, thank you Lord for protecting us from people who want to separate us Thank you Lord, thank you my guardian angel Mickael


Jeanne asks kindly to pray for her health in general and especially for both her knees also asks the grace of marriage. I thank you and greet you cordially I wish you a long life of health of love of sharing and joy for 2019 Jeanne

Fatma Zohra

Lord with all my heart, I pray you to intercede our Father Celeste for the healing of my daughter Sabrina's cancer disease. May this new year bring peace and happiness to her home. I also entrust her children to you in all your graces. Thanks Amen

Sabrina Montminy

Lord thank you for protecting everything and also my good references of help at Orléans and for unity with all the members of the office and my clients and thank you for closing the door which gives access to scare me and send thoughts that do not not from you. Lord I ask you […]

Morena schemmer

Lord forgive and have mercy in this year which is soon to end. I ask you in the new year a lot. For my children love prosperity health my brothers, and sister, my mother. I ask for the new year all that my desire that you grant my wishes. I ask for France that you grant the Wishes […]


I ask forgiveness from the Lord for all my sins and those of my parents. May he bless this new year, may he open all the closed doors on my business so that all business opportunities materialize so that my family and I can take advantage of them. May the Holy Spirit take control of all around […]