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PRAY FOR ME IN PITY - I BEG YOU - I IMPLORE YOU François-Désiré NUISSIER - Born St François d'Assise - Request prayers - Testimony (Born October 4 - in Ste Anne) 228, av. de Colmar - "Les Urbaines" - 67100 Strasbourg - FRANCE -Mail: ne.stfrancois.assise@orange.fr -GOOGLE link - Amazon.fr - Des […]


Can you pray for me because we have moved and I feel really not well because there are people who turn their backs on us have this alone can you tell me the price of your 20mn consultations by phone because I am going to mass every Sunday a grang mercie union […]

Anne Christine georges

Thank you my God for everything I pray for my mother Marie Andre Georges for my boyfriend Ted Beliard Acluche I pray for the health of my family my health so that the Good Lord helps me to get a scholarship to do my specialization I pray for can obtain a visa for […]


I answer in the name of Joseph, Cameroonian, born on 12/08/1957 at 09:09, I need your Help by Prayers to get out of a criminal trial that my cousins ​​brought to me for a case of forgery and use, on land that belongs to all of us and that they want to keep for themselves. I deposit, Lord […]


hello.my.wife. . (Alida) reached. of a cancer. you. .request. de.prié. for. her near. of God. and his son. Jesus Christ.that.your.prayers. penetrates. the heart. of God. in order.to.receive. the love of God. penetrated.my.body .. and.purify. my.corp.that.dod. is. rented. Amen. Amen.


I thank you Sgr for the life you give to me and my family. Take a look at the state of health of my parents especially my mother so that she can regain her health. Give wisdom and intelligence to my brothers and sisters especially the youngest so that she can be autonomous. […]


I have had a persistent cough for a few months, I have to do a lung scan in the next few days. I ask the Lord for grace to restore my health. Amen

Lord Come to our rescue Let us find a solution to our financial worries so as not to lose everything Bring comfort in all our trials Thank you for your love Amen


Hello! I respond to the name of Logo Bahati, Angolan of Nasci nationality 09/09/1979 at 09:09, I need your Help by Prayers to have sufficient money to pay all my debts. I place Lord at your feet my request for divine help so that I can go out in all his financial problems to open a door […]


Hello, Prayer for my spouse André so that God protects him and keeps his job because on Thursday 04/04/2019 between 10 a.m. and noon a person entered the apartment without breaking into the house (because the door was not locked) and there stolen a small box and its contents of the CDs of his work […]