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Simonette MEHAEL

Hello I am a woman, I am 57 years old and I live in the Paris region and my prayer intention is that I have applied for housing from my work it will soon be a year and a half and still no proposal for the moment I I'm staying with my daughter, but it's starting […]


I come to you a request for prayer for my mamande 88 ans who makes a pulmonary infection with bcp fever thank you to be listening to my request .Thanks to his angel mickael,


I thank the Lord for all his blessings and say thank you because he allowed me and my family to see this new year and at the same time entrusts him with all our projects, in particular mine, to go and study in Europe. May he not be deaf to my voice, let him listen to me […]

Manuella B

I ask that peace reign in my family so that there is reconciliation. May my parents and the other members of my family no longer believe the calumnies that my sister Françoise tells them about me. She is jealous of me, of my relationship with my partner. May the Lord […]

Ananou koamivi

Thank you Lord for having answered me O my protective Guardian Angel Gabriel I give you my prayer intentions so that peace can reign in my life and in my home that I win from the construction sites of my field of electricity, building and low current (electricity general) and that I leave my daddy's house […]


I ask for a prayer for my son who had an interview in a job but who has not yet had a good answer because he is a little discouraged because some of his friends have received their letter of admission Father please I come to lay it down before you to act according to your will because [...]

Ananou koamivi

May the Lord praise my prayer intention is that Saint Archangel Michael grants me in this year the grace of luck for the work, the health of every day that each month of the year is agreeable by the will of God all mighty, May my brothers who scattered to find their parents [...]


I ask angel michael for prayer for my son that he does not listen to me I ask for interjection for my extended families eternal life with the lord the hanna in my heart is destroyed the hanne is not my trut destroys the persecutor of my children all the progress of the l 'Enmmies who want to destroy them

Sabrina Montminy

My God, I entrust to you the unity of the Family and the Kinship I entrust to you all our wounds thank you for coming to heal them deeply because it is towards closing doors so that we no longer see each other as people in the family and kinship . Lead us on new paths and give us […]