Essential to properly perform his rites and prayers, here is the Calendar of Angels. For each day, discover the time of the day most conducive to your requests for grace.

Since the High Science of Egypt, the spiritual have always known that every hour of the day is governed by an Archangel. During a short period of 40 minutes, his power increases, so that his spiritual action becomes phenomenal. 

To enter into communication with an Archangel, or to perform your prayers and Rituals, you must, according to the Egyptian technique, empty your bladder about 10 minutes before the hour and recite theAncient Summoning of this Archangel, turning his head to the east. After prayer, wash your hands (the Soap of Serenity of your Angel would be convenient) under the cold water tap then rub them with theRitual Oil of this Archangel.

Every day, there is for each Archangel two hours written: on the first line is indicated the Morning Hour (also called the "First Hour") and on the second line is indicated the Celestial Evening Hour (also called the "Second Hour"). From this indicated time begins the period of 40 minutes. Note that all these Celestial Hours are deduced from the science of Judeo-Christian Kabbalah.