Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the ancients called a "Wonder of God." So, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord ...

The oldest Psalms have 3 000 years! King David, singing and dancing for God, is considered their father. Prayer of the believing Jew, as was the case of Jesus himself, the Psalms express all the human feelings of man before God, they are a prayer of praise and supplication. And since then, there is not a single moment when, somewhere in the world, a Psalm is raised to God. And thus, for centuries and centuries, these incessant praises and miraculous supplications have been realized.

"O LORD, I call on you, come hurry to me! Give ear to my voice, when I call on you. May my prayer be before your face like incense "(Ps 141: 1-2). Since those early times, men have sought to enter into communication with God. The Psalms are therefore part of these means.

In time, codifications and methods of recitation were instituted. For example at present, the Universal Catholic Church uses in the liturgy 147 psalms on the 150 of the biblical book. Thus, at each office, the psalms are the body of the prayer of the Church, the raw material of the Liturgy of the Hours.

But leave that aside to look at how early Christians used these psalms with wonderful powers. This way, much less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours, is strongly inspired by the Jewish tradition which itself is much more inclined to rites and rituals. Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the elders called a "Wonder of God." Thus, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord.

Psalm 018: To make new friends

We all need to have friendly relationships: they enrich us. But our hectic lives often prevent us from finding the time to meet new people. We are often forced to find new friends only in the context of work or family.

How to use this psalm?

To the choirmaster.
Of the servant of the LORD, of David, who spoke the words of this song to the LORD, when the LORD had delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul.
He says :

I love you, O Lord, my strength!

O LORD, my rock, my fortress, my liberator!
My God, my rock, where I find shelter!
My shield, the strength that saves me, my high retreat!

I cry out: Praise the Lord!
And I am delivered from my enemies.

The bonds of death surrounded me,
And the torrents of destruction had terrified me;

The ties of the sepulcher surrounded me,
The death nets surprised me.

In my distress I called on the Lord,
I cried out to my God;
From his palace, he heard my voice,
And my cry reached him in his ears.

The earth was shaken and trembled,
The foundations of the mountains shuddered,
And they were moved, because he was angry.

There was smoke rising in his nostrils,
And a devouring fire came out of his mouth:
From it came burning coals.

He lowered the heavens, and he went down:
There was a thick cloud under his feet.

He was riding on a cherub, and he was flying,
He hovered on the wings of the wind.

He was making darkness his retreat, his tent around him,
It was enveloped in dark waters and dark clouds.

From the splendor that preceded him escaped the clouds,
Throwing hail and coals of fire.

The Lord thundered in the heavens,
The Most High sounded his voice,
With hail and coals of fire.

He threw out his arrows and scattered my enemies,
He multiplied the blows of the lightning and routed them.

The bed of waters appeared,
The foundations of the world were discovered,
By your threat, O LORD!
By the sound of the breath of your nostrils.

He stretched out his hand from above, he grabbed me,
He took me away from the waters;

He delivered me from my powerful adversary,
Of my enemies who were stronger than me.

They had surprised me in the day of my distress;
But the Lord was my support.

He put me off,
He saved me, because he loves me.

The Lord has treated me according to my righteousness,
He gave me back according to the purity of my hands;

For I have kept the ways of the Lord,
And I have not been guilty towards my God.

All his ordinances were before me,
And I did not depart from his laws.

I was blameless towards him,
And I stood on guard against my iniquity.

Therefore the Lord has restored me according to my righteousness,
According to the purity of my hands before his eyes.

With the one who is good you show yourself good,
With the upright you act uprightly,

With the one who is pure you show yourself pure,
And with the pervert you act according to his perversity.

You save the people who humble themselves,
And you lower the haughty glances.

Yes, you make my light shine;
The Lord my God lightens my darkness.

With you I rush on a troop in arms,
With my God I go through a wall.

The ways of God are perfect,
The word of the Lord is tried;
He is a shield for all who trust in him.

For who is God, if not the Lord?
And who is a rock, if not our God?

It is God who surrounds me with strength,
And that leads me in the right way.

It makes my feet similar to those of hinds,
And he places me on my high places.

He exercises my hands in combat,
And my arms stretch out the brass bow.

You give me the shield of your salvation,
Your right supports me,
And I become great by your kindness.

You widen the path under my steps,
And my feet do not stagger.

I pursue my enemies, I reach them,
And I do not come back until I have annihilated them.

I break them, and they can not get up;
They fall under my feet.

You're girding me for the fight,
You bend beneath me my adversaries.

You turn your back on my enemies in front of me,
And I exterminate those who hate me.

They shout, and no one to save them!
They cry to the Lord, and he does not answer them!

I crush them like the dust blown away by the wind, I tread them like the mud of the streets.

You deliver me from the dissensions of the people;
You put me at the head of the nations;
A people that I did not know is enslaved to me.

They obey me at the first order,
The sons of the foreigner flatter me;

The stranger's sons are failing,
They tremble out of their fortresses.

Long live the Lord, and blessed be my rock!
May the God of my salvation be exalted,

The God who is my avenger,
Who subjugates the peoples to me,

Who delivers me from my enemies!
You raise me above my adversaries,
You save me from the violent man.

Therefore I will give thanks to thee among the nations, O Lord!
And I will sing to the glory of your name.

He grants great deliverance to his king,
And he shows mercy to his anointed,
To David, and to his posterity, forever.