This rite, since the first Christians is feared by demons. They can only flee from the cross, flee from the Christian who then becomes the Child of God. By performing this ancestral rite, you will proclaim your faith in the Holy Trinity in whose name you have been baptized. You yourself will then become the sanctuary of this same Trinity. God will then “remain” in you and this inner strength will be the best shield, this breath of the Spirit will become the best protection!

“The sign of the Passion is a tried and tested means against the demon, provided that you do it in a spirit of faith and not ostentatiously, knowing how to protect yourself like a shield. When he sees the inner force represented externally and which expresses our resemblance to the Word, the Adversary flees: not that you frighten him, but because of the spirit which blows in you. Let us sign our foreheads and our eyes with the cross of the Savior, to ward off those who seek our loss ”

Here is what Hippolyte of Rome wrote in 235 while developing a ritual of protection by the cross. But it was Saint Paulin de Nole who finalized the Ritual of the Saving Cross some 160 years later.

This rite (performed regularly) is one of the strongest ways to keep evil forces away from oneself. Its power of exorcism is considered very powerful.

In fact, the human race is the demon's favorite ground. Satan uses man. His ingenuity even goes so far as to make us believe that he does not exist! Day after day, he tries to trick us, to seduce us or to possess us by trying to enter our body and our mind. The Gospel is clear: unclean spirits persecute humanity, but Jesus Christ gave remedies to this infernal power ... And the use of the cross, thanks to the Ritual of the Savior Cross, is one of these remedies.

Indeed, this ritual reactivates the benefits of Baptism, because it refers mainly to the baptismal liturgy which is the first taking possession of the future Christian by Our Savior. It is moreover attested in the old rites of the catechumenate that the priest marked with the sign of the cross the forehead, the ears, the eyes, the nose, the lips and the chest of the candidate for baptism. Then tracing three signs of the cross on his body, he said: "I sign you entirely, called Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, so that you may have eternal life and live for ever and ever. ". The future Christian was thus "prepared" to become, by all himself, the temple of the Trinity. The ritual of the Savior Cross therefore has the power to prolong and maintain this divine temple.

How to perform this rite?

All in all, it is relatively simple. Everything is linked around the symbolism of the Three (3 like: Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the Thirty Three (age of Christ on the cross).

By ordering this ritual from us, which you can download immediately, a detailed explanatory note will explain how to perform it.

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