God revealed to me the Latin phrase veni creator to call the holy spirit to me the simple in spirit call the endlessly veni creator or any other means and be filled with gifts of grace and blessings it is an honor to share it and happiness with people like you who pray without ceasing and deserve the Holy Spirit even if no one really deserves it. O Mary conceived without sin your son said when two or three are gathered I will be there in the middle of them send kisses to Jesus and sinful souls will be released men and women of God children with our animal friends who also deserve paradise and flora let us constantly ask forgiveness from the Lord for all our sins and always thank him for the Holy Spirit the graces and the blessings o Mary conceived without sin pray for Mohamed Mariam fatouma sniper André Georgette Anaïs Jérôme Étienne Mélusine keshali nachamangue Charlotte Pierrette sarrailh the fauna flora the whole world lord god deliver holy souls from purgatory amen amine so be it insh Allah