I ask for prayers for me because I have been a prisoner of OCD for many years and it is not only a heavy cross for me but also for my parents and my brother. I consume too many disinfectants, water, gas, weighing on the family economic situation, which is already not easy. Right now my dad is fighting cancer, I'm not helping him because he doesn't have the peace of mind he should have in this already difficult time for him. On the contrary, I feel responsible for his aggravation, because perhaps by giving him various problems he became nervous and I fear that this state made his organism not react to the treatments.
I can't even hug him, both because it's not our habit and because I can't touch him because of what I said. He is helped in everything by my mother who has a lot of health problems and by my brother who already takes care of too many things.
I ask you to pray for his physical recovery because the doctors gave him no hope, for his conversion and because soon we will be able to find a house to rent, which we have been looking for for a year but have not found.