With the help and the grace of God, let us find our community instincts. All together, let's pray… “I tell you again that, if two of you agree on earth to ask for anything, it will be granted to them by my Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them. ”

"I tell you again that if two of you agree on earth to ask for any thing, it will be granted to them by my Father who is in heaven.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them."

(Matthew 18: 19, 20).

Why Prayer Intentions?

… The Gospels teach us certain notions that it is good to remember from time to time: sharing, compassion and forgiveness. These concepts must resonate in our hearts. They shouldn't be just empty words.

At a time when we are entering a new era, that of globalization, let us not let ourselves be locked into fear or mistrust of others. Because the other is a little ourselves, like our own reflection in a mirror. So praying for others is also praying for yourself. To forgive others is to forgive oneself, to pray for the forgiveness of one's brothers, it is to pray for one's own forgiveness.

Saying prayers for your fathers or brothers is a way of implementing the Word of Jesus in deeds. The Lord does not advocate individualism, but rather sharing and mutual aid. He who shares is rich and union creates wealth: wealth of the heart.

To carry out prayer intentions is to give a little of his time and his heart to his fellow men and we all know it, the one who gives receives, because the Lord grants to the one who shares. God himself, in his infinite mercy, has the power to answer our prayers if we act to advance good. Doing good around us, and praying for others, is one of the means we have in our possession ...

How to write a prayer intention?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to deposit your Prayer Intention. Do not forget to tell us your first name and the name of your Protective Angel. To make people want to pray for you, introduce yourself a little and be clear about why you want us to pray for you.

How to perform Prayer Intentions?

It is easy to perform Prayer Intentions. It suffices for Celestial Hours of your Angel, to recite the “Prayer of Intentions” below. This prayer is to be recited on Vibratory Day of your Angel.

THEincense of your Angel will be welcome. If you can't find one, usePontifical Incense.

But the only real obligation is to light three candles corresponding to the color of your Angel and recite the prayer in their light. Turn off any other electrical light source.

Do not hesitate to start over the prayer intentions for the same people several times a month. A real attitude of compassion for others will be heard and can then bring you many divine graces to yourself ...

The Prayer of Intentions


AT THIS TIME I THINK MORE PARTICULARLY: (give the name of the person) WHO IS PROTECTED BY (name the name of his protecting angel), DE (quote the first name of another person) WHO IS PROTECTED BY (name the name of his protecting angel), DE (quote the first name of another person) WHO IS PROTECTED BY (name the name of his protecting angel)... You can name as many people as you want.




Publish your prayer intention

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Your prayer intentions

May the grace of childbirth visit my couple in this year 2019.

That in this year 2019, that in the grace of childbirth visit my couple.

I come to you for a prayer for my companion who is a victim of witchcraft by a woman who wants to destroy my home.

Prayer for my mom who is 88 aged who presents a hernia in hate which I want it to be quiet, no surgery thank you to you for this prayer his archangel is mehael

I come to you in prayer for my husband who has health problems, his heart, his angel BARACHIEL, that everything is working out, thank you for joining together in this prayer.

May our beautiful daughter Elodie look at us more accurately and come to entrust us with our little daughter… may our family remain very united. Thank you so much. Amen

I ask the Lord protection for my children my grandchildren and me against all evil and that patrick comes back amen

pray for our protection my children and I finally may the Lord guide my steps so that I find the work that is destined for me and so that I finally find my soul mate
so be it

I ask the Lord to protect me, I am a victim of moral and physical harassment, my ex-best friend has lost his head, he is harassing me and threatening me with death. May God help me.

Carole, 49 years old, 3 children, straight woman has always bowed to the will of a difficult husband to preserve his marriage and the family. Debt-ridden, he took a mistress and has just filed for divorce. This time Carole resists, so he tries to break her, he wants her to pay for her, manipulates her children to hurt her, he is violent, harasses her and threatens her, she is breaking down and we parents are worried lord , we beg you to intervene with power in this turn, may your Holy Spirit shine its light in this darkness, may it enlighten the children and give strength and courage to Carole, Amen

Lord God of mercy, I come to implore your mercy for the healing of my son Mathurin who is sick of positive sero. I, who am that mother, I believe that you are the God of impossibility, for your word says, that the death of Lazarus will serve to give glory to your NAME, I too repeat today eight, that the cure of my son will serve to give glory in your Name, Thank you Lord.

To maintain my work and to have a healthy family with claudio. For the santificacion of monia, claudio, enrico, fortunato, maria cristina

Request for help and assistance from the Lord through the intercession of Mother Marie for the trials
that I live now.

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, I need a chain of prayer for the restoration of my couple my spouse left the house to settle down with another woman and abandon me with 3 children and 3 children there there is a baby and without resources thank you for your prayers that GOD bless you and my guardian angel is Nikaêl

My brother Xavier had to stop working after cancer.
He is the father of a visually impaired child and his death, if it were to happen, would shake a whole family.
So if medicine can do anything for him, it will only be effective with the intervention of Jesus. If I am making this call to all of you, it is because I am convinced and have already felt the power of this word of the gospel
Matthew 18
… 19 I tell you again that if two of you agree on earth to ask for anything, it will be granted to them by my Father who is in heaven. 20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them.

God bless you.

Thank you Lord for all that you accomplish in my life and those of my relatives I would like you to face me thanks to having my baccalaureate with mention that can pass my code and that can find work this summer I would like you to me gives the intelligence and the facility to retain and that my friend nancy can also find work.

my angel is menadel.

I ask for the help of my guardian angel to guide my steps towards my soul mate.

I would like us to make a protective prayer for my youngest daughter Elodie because she had a road accident before taking a mock exam last Friday. Let us pray that Saint Christopher protects her on the road and that she continues to be vigilant. Protection also against the bad waves which surround it at school. His protective archangel is Nikael. I hope that she will go to the end of her course until June. Thank you and may God keep you, Nathalie D.

I would like god to face me through a job so that I can find a job in a manger for the glory of God. Amen

Thank you also for protecting the unity in the family, with our friends, acquaintances, our lawyer and his team and all the people who have helped us, who help us, who will come to help us and who pray for us and with our friends on facebook and with all the people we meet wherever we go.
Thank you Lord for taking authority over our thoughts, our bodies, our minds, our imaginations our health, our breaths our lungs and all and do not allow that no people can see our thoughts and our imaginations and that no astral travel can see us and that everything is hidden from our enemies wherever we go and what we do and what we think and in everything thank you for protecting us from all attacks that all this be accomplished in the name of Jesus and all that does not come from God who prevents me from studying for my secondary 5 equivalency leave immediately in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for coming to protect our finances and our credit and debit cards and thank you that I have time to study and thank you for making me pass my secondary 5 equivalence and thank you for having me stop helping at either Orléans without me. lose my good references and that everything that blocks my lawyer to call me to tell me to protect me in the name of Jesus go away you go. My God yes everything is accomplished in the name of Jesus Almighty no I am no longer afraid and you protect everything and you act my God this is accomplished in the name of Jesus Almighty from now and forever thank you for enlightened the gentleman who comes today for you, thank you for coming and removing all that could harm my mom arriving late for the roof at the house, Thank you Lord that Andréanne does not get pregnant please do not allow this and save my brother please protect him and remove all the hold and esotericism and everything she has on him open the eyes of my brother Lord I beg you, For this Lent Lord with the liver in you my God and trust thank you for hearing me and see if my intentions prayers and thank you for taking us to calm waters we have no needs thank you thank you Lord for giving me enough time to do my things that I need to do especially Ms. Caroline thank you for foiling all plans e my former lover and his friends and thank you for opening the doors to me too so that I can have an appointment and my family also to do our tax return Thank you for acting very hard in our lives. Thank you my God for continuing to work miracles that the assurances come tomorrow thank you Holy Spirit for blowing very hard and for the police to discover why it is happening Amen I believe, I adore and I hope you are a Winner over all my God and that mrs Caroline calls tomorrow also yes my God you show our enemies that you are the Lord Amen Thank you Lord for coming to our rescue, thank you for thwarting all the plans of the neighbors, thank you for protecting our electricity account Thank you for guiding the electrician who will come and inspect who finds the hidden sons of the neighbors, may the Holy Spirit blow and thank you that he stops connecting to my mum's braker and thank you for coming to thwart everything and thank you for showing us which son to cut me . Lord, thank you that your mercies warn us in all our situations I bless you and I praise you my God our God. Thank you Lord that the assurances to my mum recall for her car and I entrust everything to you and thank you for undoing the traps of Mrs. Caroline and the little world daycare thank you also that she tells me the truth about how she knew some important information thank you for protecting me from in so that I don't get trapped and if it's my old boyfriend who said I was mixed-race my God let me know the truth yes Lord your name is above my former boyfriend and his friend and all their network and all their plans, strategic plans and their words and you all make see; to the police and to my lawyer in the eyes of all from now on yes my God you are stronger that all this and you foil all the same all their esotericism and occult science which mingle with that, Lord I confide you the house to my mom and thank you for undoing all the traps of the neighbors and all their esotericism and occult science and revenge, thank you Lord for either you sell the house to my mama n you send him buyers or the neighbor leaves yes Lord you put us all in safety, Lord please come and change our hearts and that we accept to let guide and change our hearts by you and that the Spirit- Holy breath very strongly within you we are nothing help to make the right decisions and change our hearts and our lives comes to our aid and to Pope Francis and; to the Church that we are listening to you by the Spirit -Holy . Lord you are the victor don't let any evil power get to us, may our enemies not get the better of us, may our family stay in unity remove all evil spirits that makes us angry and thank you for healing our deepest wounds . So that my old boyfriend is not the upper hand on me and thank you for coming to stop all esotericism and hold and occult sciences on the family. Thank you Lord for acting very hard because I can't take it anymore Lord you are the God of the impossible everything is possible for you you you are able to remove everything that prevents us from meeting you Lord you move mountains I trust Thank you Amen. Come Holy Spirit, breath very hard come and console us, come visit us, come very hard I entrust you with the roof of my mother's house and come protect us all and breath on Bryan comes to enlighten him, comes to give her a openness to learn French and who is based in Quebec. Make sure that we get married and that all evil spirits and human spirit of the visible and in visible universe go away from us and all that prevents our relationship from going well and everything that prevents us from being reunited in the name of Jesus I ask you to go away from us. Thank you Lord in advance for everything you will do for us all. . Thank you my God for coming to visit me and to take away all his sorrows and put me in distress I want to feel your presence o my God when it will be my turn to marry me and have children. When will it be our turn to be happy to me and our family. My God, I offer you through Mary. Thank you for unlocking my brother's bank accounts, Thank you for helping me lose weight to have a healthy weight and my mom also for our health. Thank you Lord for protecting the roof of the house thank you that not fall and if it you like to clear snow and protect the house. Thank you for continuing to protect my mom and get my brother out of this bad unhealthy relationship, I entrust you with me and Bryan thank you who has doors that reopen and that we are the opening both we want the same things Lord thank you Holy Spirit to breathe. My thank God for taking action and not allowing that is depression and that our enemies is the upper hand on us and not allowing our enemies and want who want us to get our nerves after them who want us to lose our credibility do not allow that to happen come Holy Spirit breath and heal us and thank you for acting and thank you that finally the Lord's promises of love and his plans of love for us come true and that we meet our true glorious encounters with our true spouses Amen amen Thank you to my God for cutting all our soul ties to me, my brother, my mother, my father and all the people I entrust to you and so that I pray every day and especially for Nicolas and also Michel, and t ou thank you for freed us and frees Frédéric from Andréanne thank you that this prayer delivers us from all evil. Lord Jesus, I confess that you died and rose for me. By your blood, I am purified, justified and reconciled with God. I am a child of God, an heir to all his promises. Forgive me for all my past disobediences. I did not respect the boundaries of purity that you had established. I allowed perverse soul bonds of to be created in my life. Please wash me with your precious blood. I renounce all these soul bonds with our past. I declare that every soul bond is destroyed in the Name of Jesus. I confess that our souls are liberated from all these links. Thank you my God for our freedom in Christ. Thank you Holy Spirit for your presence that strengthens and consoles me. In the Name of Jesus. Amen! Thank you my God for coming to the aid of Nicolas Frégeau and for protecting him in his jobs and his finances and in all and thank you that he accepts to go and seek help and that he wants to change his character and everything and thank you to the Holy Spirit to breathe hard so that he sees his good friends at home bless him and save him. MOn DIeu comes to my mom's rescue at her work and makes all the violence she's experiencing stop from now on and doesn't allow her to lose her job and her enemies to get the better of her, you Lord you are stronger than all violence and esotericism and all traps Lord I trust that you save my mom and our family and protect all our intentions prayers and thank you for protecting all, My God I bless you and I praise you for everything you do do for us and for all your children on earth, I went out with a not very nice gas and thank you for thwarting all his bad plans, strategic plans and words and his friend and all their network and object protect me and my family specially my brother against them and let them fall into their own traps and nets which they have set and let all people see all they are hiding and their plans and strategic plans and words against me and my family and my brother Lord , thank you my God for doing Miracle andshow everything to the police and everyone's eyes as quickly as possible, I believe that you have dropped their games of false victims and made their double faces fall and that people see everything from now on. My God, I entrust you my brother Frédéric and everything he saw Lord thank you for doing a miracle and quickly for his jobs and his finances and I entrust to you all our problems and our health and our teeth and all our worries and our anxieties and I entrust to you all the units and relationships with our friends and acquaintances and everyone we know thank you for protecting everything. My God, I'm telling you, my mum is protecting her especially at work and thank you for releasing the bank account to my brother who got himself an accountant, so thank you for blessing and protecting my relationship with Bryan thanks to the Spirit -Saint to be at work very hard, I trust and that one makes your wills and that all the hold of evil spirits and human spirits of the visible and invisible universe is no longer any influence on us and takes more of our energies and makes us more blind to the things we should see and makes us deaf to the words we should expect to be more in the problems either as a couple, at the level and our jobs and our lives and thank you for to thwart all the plans, strategic plans and words of all those who want us harm and everything that belongs to us and in our jobs and who do not want us to succeed everything that we will undertake and all that we undertake and I entrust you my mom sees her to a good place that she will stop living violence at work that it will be more peaceful and harmonious and I confide you Léonie and his mother Maude thank you to put your look of love on her and to do beautiful things and to protect them from all evil and I entrust to you the conversion of Maude and that Leonie be baptized. Thank you to the Holy Spirit to blow hard on us and calm our storms Protect my mom at work and thank you that I have time to call to do my secondary equivalence 5 and if it's in your will I do it thank you d! I have clearly shown that I pass my exams, M! God, I entrust you with the unity of the Family and the Kinship I entrust you with all our wounds thank you for coming to heal them deeply because it is going to close doors so that we do not see any more people in the family and the kinship . Lead us on new paths and give us success in all that we undertake keeps our family, our friends in good health Amen Lord thank you for protecting everything and also my good references of help in being Orleans thank you and unity with all the members of the office and my clients and thank you for closing the door giving us access to scare us and sent thoughts that do not come from you thank you for protecting my brother's job and thank you for sending him good people to work with him and you my God your name is much stronger and he is above his bank accounts which are frozen thank you for thawed as quickly as the Holy Spirit blows very strong and thank you and thank you for to make you providence in! all . Lord I ask you (if my brother Frederick should not move with thanks that The Holy Spirit blows very hard on him to show him, I trust) thank you for protecting and blessing us with all our family and all people who are close to us and whom we meet in our lives. Also heal us and calm our character that we are not ruled by our emotions that we have a lot of understanding and love. In the Lord lord I ask you all and I will ask you demands to make us just want to earn to live well and repay everything we need and help our brothers and sisters in need. You, Lord, are the god of the impossible. I believe my God that you are miracles on our finances and that you also find me a very good new jobs and that you act and that the Holy Spirit also acts on me and my family and on the people who are around ! we and we have in our heart Amen Hallelujah I believe! also that you realize your plans of love and promises of love on us. The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is powerful, we will be victorious, The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ covers us, heals us, purifies us, makes us free internally and externally to flee from us enemy powers because the blood of Jesus ours Lord is our defense and our salvation. Lord protect our homes, means transport and thank you for taking care of everything and thank you already in advance for this new job that I ask you where I will be happy and that I am well earned my life and also be less stressed and that I am better off my life because I am no longer able where I am now and thanks for the miracles for our finances to me and all my family I entrust and all the people around us and thank you Holy Spirit to blow and I entrust you with the world. Amen and thank you for everything in advance and be blessed my God and praise and worship Thank you too! to protect everything and that we get more pirated on the internet protect our computers and that it costs us no more than our bills that send us habits that the price ask and all that belong to us.

Here is my prayer intention for a difficult situation: request for help with a family problem: conflictual relations with my 24-year-old daughter Lysiane (lack of dialogue and communication): I want a reconciliation to take place between her and me !… Thank you !

I ask the help of my archangel to hold on I spend a very difficult time

two sick little girls and I no longer feel the desire to live


I ask the Virgin Mary to undo all the knots that prevent me from meeting my soul mate

My protecting angel is Raphael.
Pray for me because I must go before the judge of the district court on Tuesday March 26, 2019.
Because my creditor wants to seize my salary for a debt, it is already 14 years that it lasts.
Pray for me to find a favorable solution.
Pray also for my husband Rosan who is waiting for his transfer with impatience.
Thank you in advance.

Holy Virgin Mary intercede for me with God the Father grace, luck and success to find a good job and all my projects undertaken can bear fruit.
So be it.

lord my God; help me to pay all my debts and not to fall back into a lambert bank situation any more that I organize myself to succeed in living my family and me as well as those who wait for me to help them; help me to love you with unconditional love, also help steve NSEKA BOFENYU to overcome all the trials he has to go through.

(For some priests suffering or in difficulty - 11-03-2019).

Eternal and Almighty Father, by the Holy Name of Jesus,
By the powerful Intercession of the Immaculate and Sore Heart of Mary,
By the powerful Intercession of the Very Pure and Very Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
By the prayer of all the angels and all the saints,
Through the prayer of the Holy Souls of Purgatory and the Souls of the Righteous,

I ask you, Eternal and Almighty Father, for the end of this Lent 2019 or for the time that suits you, according to Your Will, the purification, the liberation, the healing, the conversion and the sanctification of the priests whose first names follow:

- Father Jean P, born in 1942, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- suffering from after-effects of radiotherapy following cervical cancer, 12 years ago;

- Father Patrick de V, born in 1950, hermit priest of the Saint John community -
- suffering from phlebitis and stroke, and hospitalized at home near La Chaise-Dieu (43);

- Father Laurent R, born in 1964, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- suffering from a burn-out, and in convalescence for 3 years;

- Father Thierry D, born in 1964, diocese of Dax (64);
- suffering from a liver infarction and pulmonary emphysema, for several years;

- Father Marc-Antoine F, born in 1967, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- suffering from a serious illness;

- Father Augustin M, born in 1967, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- in difficulty with his hierarchy, for 3 years;

- Father François M, born in 1969, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- in a situation of definitively leaving the diocese to follow his parents;

- Father Sébastien L, born in 1972, diocese of Bayonne (64);
- suffering from dizziness and various disorders;

Eternal and Almighty Father, by the Holy Name this Jesus, send down on these priests, Your Holy Spirit, Your Spirit of Love, Your All Power of Grace and Blessings accompanied by this spiritual, powerful, healing and healing force which emanated from Jesus, and which made all the demons driven out, and all the sick who tried to touch Jesus were healed when he passed among the crowds.

Eternal Father and Almighty,
immerse all those priests in difficulty, and all those who prayed for their healing, in the Ocean of Love and Mercy of the Precious Blood of Jesus and the tears of the Blood of Mary.
Thank you Father for all the healings that you will grant us. Thank you Father for your love.

+ + + + +

12 rue du Bois Square
I ASK FOR THESE PRAYERS FOR MY HEALTH KNEES Gut and also the understanding in my family
Thank you

I ask you to pray for my daughter Lisa who has met another girl with whom she lives, they often conflict (threats ...)
My daughter has completely changed to see things.
My daughter has to find a job.

I want a prayer to chase all kinds of fear