My God, I entrust to you the unity of the Family and the Kinship I entrust to you all our wounds thank you for coming to heal them deeply because it is towards closing doors so that we no longer see each other as people in the family and kinship . Lead us on new paths and give us success in all that we do keep our family, our friends in good health Amen Lord thank you for protecting everything and also my good references of help in be Orleans and unity with all the members of the office and my clients and thank you for closing the door that gives access to scare me and send thoughts that do not come from you. Lord, I ask you to come and protect the relationship and unity of Andréanne and Frédéric and Sabrina and Frédéric Robert and with all our families and all the people who are close to us and whom we meet in our lives. Also heal us and calm our character that we are not governed by our emotions that we have a lot of understanding and love. In the liver Lord I ask you everything and I ask you to just make me earn enough to live well and repay everything I owe in the tickets that I bought myself in the liver because I don't want her to be my mom who checks everything out. You Lord you are the God of the impossible. Thank you for continuing to pray hard for us, we need support, that's why I am writing to you thank you for your understanding. I believe my God that you are doing miracles on our finances and that you also found me a very good new job and that you act and that the Holy Spirit also acts on me and my family and on the people who are around and I have in my heart Amen Alleluia I also believe that you realize your projects of love and promises of love on us. J The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is powerful, we will be victorious, The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ covers us, heals us, purifies us, makes us free inside and out, flee from our enemy powers because the blood of Jesus our Lord is our defense and our Salvation Lord protects our homes, means of transport and thank you for taking care of everything and thank you already in advance for this new job that I ask you where I will be happy and that I will be well earned my life and thank you for the miracles for our finances to me and all my family I entrust and all the people around us and thank you Holy Spirit for blowing and I entrust the world to you. Amen and thank you for everything in advance and be blessed my God and praise and adore Thank you also for protecting everything and that we are more hacked on the internet protect our computers and that its cost us no more than our bills which us Usually send the asking price and all that we own Amen