For the etheric and spiritual works

Pentacles are graphic prayers ...

Their usefulness is to be able to continue the prayer when the lips or the heart have stopped murmuring the prayer. They are found in all religions of the world.

In Christianity, they take the form of prayers that one carries on oneself, or of scapular: this piece of fabric embroidered with religious symbols that one carries attached to the neck.

In Jewish tradition, they take the name of phylacteries. They are little prayers taken from the Bible and locked in leather bags. These phylacteries are attached to the forehead and to the arm; their purpose is to make the Law penetrate the body and mind of the wearer; but also to protect him against the world of demons.

Arabs readily practice the art of the Pentacle. They also transcribe verses from the Koran on small parchments, as well as symbolic and kabbalistic signs, in order to scare the djnouns away and attract the good geniuses.

In Africa, the Pentacle is developing in a very artistic way: it is the prerogative of the sage. From birth, we compose for the newborn a protection with stones, coris, feathers, engraved metal plates, etc ...

In Asia, Tibetan Buddhism is a past master in the art of the mandala. They are large, colorful designs, featuring geometric figures and secret inscriptions.

This brief history of the Pentacle throughout the world shows that man needs physical support for his spiritual waves. Because it is the strength of the Pentacle: to be the sensor, the antenna, the amplifier of the spirit. But to make it efficient, it doesn't have to be a simple piece of paper scribbled with incomprehensible signs; it is necessary to know what it means. Indeed a rite, performed without knowing what it means, does nothing. Just like the Holy Mass, if we do not discern the meaning of words, gestures, signs: it is ineffective.

The Pentacles of the Angels obey these same criteria.

Let's try to identify its deep meaning ...

Pentacle of


General observations on the Pentacles




It represents the Scales of Justice: it is the symbol of Saint Michael who is the Angel of the Great Last Judgment. He is the witness of our actions, the weigher of our souls. Mikaël or Michel, whose Hebrew name means "Who is like God?" », Perpetually fights Satan and protects man far from his clutches. However, to benefit from this protection, it must remain fair. If he lies, if he tricks Heaven and hides his face before his evil actions, Saint Michael will judge him wrongly. Those who wish to use his Pentacle must therefore remain honest and just.

The two scales of Libra are in balance: this Pentacle therefore brings mental and spiritual balance to those who use it. Note the lines of force which form two very distinct figures. Moon, the pentagon (5 sides) means that it acts on the five visible realities: earth - air - water - fire - sky. The other, the triangle (3 sides) shows its action on the three invisible realities: intelligence - soul - spirit. This Pentacle of Saint Michael is universal, because 5 and 3 make 8, or the number of infinity, the Ouroboros or serpent biting its tail. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle for physical, intellectual and spiritual protection.



His representative sign is the Book. It is the Bible, the holy book marked on the first and last page of the Alpha and the Omega, that is to say: the power of the word. Gabriel is the Angel of the announcement to Mary, he has the power over the word that can all, it is the servant of the Creative Word.

This Pentacle makes words, prayers, rituals, incantations enforceable… It facilitates the development of spiritual gifts, because it increases the intuition of the wearer.
Gabriel whose name means in Hebrew: "Messenger of God", is the Angel of peace. Also, in carrying his Pentacle, it is necessary to have the heart soothed, without any animosity towards anyone and to be somehow a divine messenger. This being so, the Pentacle will act by creating around the one who wears it an aura of sympathy, attraction, recognition.

The lines of force from the Book of Gabriel are the three essential geometric figures: the square which represents the Earth; the concentric circles that are the Celestial Spheres and the angular star that is God.

The Pentacle is as follows: by the Word, the Earth is able to reach the divine level (the circles) and to make the link with God. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle for the development of spiritual forces, the execution of all magical and divinatory rites.




Ariel means "Fire of God" in Hebrew. But the root AR or AOR is more distant since it comes from Sanskrit where it means: creative fire, divine energy. Its symbol is a flamboyant and luminous torch. Ariel inherited, after the fall of Lucifer, the right to be a bearer of light. This fire is not a destructive element, but an energy that allows us to see the divine path.

The Pentacle of the Angel Ariel is effective for all those who seek a spiritual and intellectual evolution, because it must be known: Ariel is the Angel who breathes into the consciousness of scientists and researchers, the ideas that will allow them to make scientific discoveries. Also, if you need to develop your intellect, your mental faculties and get concrete results: use this Pentacle.

Note that the lines of force form a star around the torch. It is the Pentagram of Man, for a naked man fits into it, arms and legs spread. Indeed, what distinguishes man from the rest of Nature is the breath of creative Fire, Intelligence which is the supreme gift of God. These lines determine two areas in which the torch is inscribed. The first is made up of the three triangles that illuminate: thought - action - intelligence. The second zone marks the terrestrial rooting, the power of the closed fist, because the divine fire grants the force to the man on Nature. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Regardless of your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle for spiritual and intellectual development, increasing
will, perseverance in the goals set.




The Book of Tobias in the Bible tells the miracle of the fish. An Angel appears to Tobie telling him that the gall of a certain cetacean will cure the blindness of his father. This Angel was Raphael, whose name means "Healing of God." Its symbol is therefore the miraculous fish that foreshadows Christ ICTYS in Greek, Jesus Christ the Savior Son of God.

From there, it is conceivable that the Pentacle of this Angel will have a curative effect on physical, mental and spiritual health. Health is to be considered in its biblical sense, that is purification: for he who is sick is unclean. The Gospel is filled with allusions to this state of affairs. The paralyzed are purified in the pool of Bethesda; the ten lepers are sent to the Temple of Jerusalem to be cleansed, etc. Thus, the fish is the sign of purity, because it comes from the element that has never sinned: Water.

Note that the lines of force of the Pentacle build a hexagram (six sides) corresponding to the six senses according to the Hebrew Kabbalah: sight - smell - hearing - taste - touch - intuition. Physical illness sets in when one of these senses is altered, impure, that it has sinned. The circle that surrounds it specifies the universe to which our senses are linked and the Cross formed by the triangles reminds us that Christ is the supreme healer: he is the one who saves, translation of Yeshua, Jesus. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle for purification, psychic and physical healing.



The name Jehudiel means in Hebrew: "Praise of God". He is considered the Angel of the Arts because artistic creation is a praise to the Creator. Those who wish to follow a spiritual path where art will hold an important place should invoke Jehudiel. But creation is not only an artist's work: it is the work of every man. Also, when we start a project, when we start a business, an important action, etc… it is important to call on Jehudiel. His Pentacle is formed by a lyre, an instrument of vibration. It allows us to put into action our sensitive cords, our hidden gifts, our higher vibrations.

It will be noted that the force lines form four triangles. They form, in intertwining, a star with ten branches: the ten forms of art or the ten ways to praise God. According to Kabbalistic tradition we receive at birth at least one gift which is the gift of our personal Angel. Knowing the name of this Guardian Angel, we must develop this gift. The Pentacle of Jehudiel makes it possible to activate it. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle for meditation, divine praise, to start a project, a business, be well seen, create sympathy.



This Angel is called "Blessing of God". It is his right to transmit to men the divine fluids that allow them to get the chance, the barrush or barraka. In the Hebrew language, the word blessing and luck merge. In fact, he who is blessed by God is a lucky one: everything he does succeeds him. This modern age has made us forget this notion of blessing that transports the divine fluids to beings and things, in order to bring them abundance.

This is why the symbol of Barachiel is the precious stone. Diamond or emerald, this jewel radiates a power that catches the eye and creates sympathy. The Pentacle of this Angel has the faculty to "charge" and give life to any creation. Thus, those who devote themselves to High Science will have to wear it in a ritual headdress, called insider miter or Phrygian cap. In the exercise of their magical art, they will be like priests and hierophants, they will transmit the blessing of life.

The lines of forces form a tripod which is symbolically the representation of knowledge, intuition and wisdom. A large triangle descends on the stone, representing the cosmic ray of blessing which returns by refraction into two small lateral rays: matter and spirit. Because this alchemy of blessing transforms everything, giving a spiritual dimension to what it touches. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whoever your Protective Angel is, you can use this Pentacle to convey the blessing and get luck in all things.




The name of Séhaltiel means "Knowledge of God", because this Angel remains in the divine secrets. He is the master of Theology, he is the one who knows the reasons why God created the world and beings; he has the answer to all the questions. Those who use the Pentacle of Sehaltiel are the wise and the initiated, because to pierce the divine mysteries, they need the help of Séhaltiel.

Its emblem is the seven-branched candlestick that represents the seven days of Creation. The divine light illuminates the seven candles, but it will be noticed that that of the middle corresponds to the 7th day: the Sabbath which is the day of sanctification; that's why she's bigger. A letter emerges in the foot of the candlestick, an "M". It corresponds to Mary who is also called Sophia or wisdom, according to the word of Scripture: "Before the world was, you were".

Séhaltiel is the Angel of Synergy, because the forces from above meet and merge with the forces below. The Chandelier remains the symbol of Alchemy: the art of turning vile things into gold. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle to gain insider knowledge and solve all problems.




This Angel is formidable, he is known in the Bible as the Exterminating Angel. His name means "Fear of God". It was he who, during the exodus of the Hebrew people, passed over all the houses of Egypt. He spared the homes of the Jews who had kept the Passover while he exterminated the Egyptian newborns. His power is exercised against the forces of evil and destroys everything God commands him to destroy.

The distinctive sign of Mebael is the sword of righteousness, for he is at the same time the Angel of Karma; he recompenses us according to our past acts. The point of the sword is turned towards the sky, indicating that all justice comes from God. The sword is sharp and does not support half measures and those who do not practice the divine fear pass over this blade.

It will be noted that twelve rays emanate from the center of the weapon. These are the forces that maintain the universe: three for the Earth, three for the Air, three for the Fire and three for the Water. Thus divine justice in its implacability is always exercised in the law of series and in all the dimensions of the world. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle to exorcise and destroy the evil traps.




The name of the Angel Mehael means "Deliverance of God". He delivers man from his illusions and all the fantasies that mislead him on the divine path. It should be noted that Mehael's action resembles that of Mebael, but that he acts gently by eliminating traps and breaking the locks that hold us captive in fears and maya (illusion).

That is why its symbol is the Key: the one that opens the closed doors, the inner prisons, the secret and hidden places. Mehael is the Visionary Angel, for descending into the infernal places, he sees, just like the owl, in the darkness. His key allows us to open emergency exits, stolen passages.

The lines of forces produced by the Key form three higher rays which, coming from Heaven, strike the Key. It is the power of the Trinity (Father, Son and Spirit) that opens the way to a liberating revelation: God delivers. This good news crosses the Key and descends on earth, forming a new ray: faith. Whoever has faith opens the doors of destiny, overthrows demons and accesses spiritual freedom. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whoever your Protective Angel is, you can use this Pentacle to see things hidden, to have visions, revelations and to know the future.



The Angel Nikaël is the master of the time, it is he who governs the seasons, the years, the cycles.

It sometimes upsets the order and the rhythms, because it is necessary to know that the evolution of all things passes by the annihilation in order to be reborn. Nikaël controls atmospheric phenomena and makes those he protects against climatic variations sensitive.

During thunderstorms, its scents disperse harmful waves created by negative thoughts and evil waveforms.

Its symbol is also lightning. This demonstrates the strength he is able to release for the purification and renewal of things.

It will be noted that the Pentacle's lines of forces form two inverted triangles. One directs its point downwards: it is the triangle of celestial energies; the other is pointing upwards: these are the spiritual forces emanating from the Earth. The meeting of these triangles causes the fabulous energy of lightning, which has always been the symbol of divinity. The Angel Nikael holds the power to materialize and to make visible the energetic power of God. By ordering this Pentacle from us, you will learn how to use it.



Whatever your Protective Angel, you can use this Pentacle to purify his spiritual and psychic waves. To change an unfavorable destiny.