“O Immaculate Virgin, mother of God and our mother, kindly welcome our prayer and intercede for us before the Father of Heaven. May the people be converted and may the violence and wars cease definitively” AMEN


Please fill the life of my enemy with all Your blessings and love. Make him understand how much he needs Your Presence in his life, so that he can be truly fulfilled. » “God, forgive my enemies…


Our Father who art in heaven, (total gift of self, obey like a child) hallowed be your name, (speak with deep seriousness, respect for the name of God) may your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth like in heaven. (to act…


depression thank you


For the health of Fina, Lis, Dalia, Luz, Rosario, Ale, the mother of Karina...for the family GG, for the marriage of G and A, of A and C. for the work of H and Agustín.


For the health of Karina's mother, for Karina, for Lis, Dalia, Rosario, Gaby, for the Gutiérrez Gómez family.


Good evening, I would like to ask you to pray urgently for me and for my fiancée Judith. Indeed, we are both very attacked and persecuted in our thoughts, in our bodies and in our destiny. We ask…


hello I am attacked by a spider woman who envelops me in the dark and wants to destroy me please pray for me so that I can be freed from this attack, thank you God bless you


Lord Jesus, You knew well the images of agricultural work and rural life and You used them to announce your Gospel to the poor. We pray to you for today's rural workers, and especially for those...


I left my job as a civil servant caregiver in France to return to the West Indies. I am on a fixed-term contract in a private retirement home, the work is difficult and I feel that I am not fairly paid. I am looking for a position...