We have been married for 26 years at the town hall but there are so many obstacles to making the marriage religious, financial, family harmony, etc.; Our parents on both my husband's side and mine did not get married in church. Intercede…


Thank you Lord for granting me the grace to reunite with my family members.

Vincent de Paul

My archangel is NIKAEL The prayer intention concerns Mr. WAHABOU born 01701/1973 who was the victim of a traffic accident and is currently in intensive care in a deep coma. This is why I want the community…


Can you pray that the Lord will welcome me with open arms and that I will be delivered from all my troubles and that I will always be with him. May my life change, may my world change forever, I will be happy and loved by him. Please pray…




I want to get married and start a family, have children


grant my prayer that I get well and that things get better financially thank you that I win a game of chance.


Good evening, thank you for always keeping me in your prayers. I am going through a period of breakup with my partner, I beg you to intercede for our reconciliation and that our relationship can lead to marriage. THANKS.


hello, my protective angel is jehudiel I am a student in a building engineering school, last year I was in my third year in a private school, this year the same school refuses to allow me to do my fourth…


Pray for peace of soul and to earn money on this earth.