Please pray for the release of the soul of our "aborted" child 19 years ago. May he be assured of our love and free his big sister Léonie. Amen


I ask for the grace of a financial miracle because I have a big financial problem. Pray for me.


My name is Dorcas. Protective angel: JEHUDIEL I was born on 19/08/1994. I request a prayer intention because I am in administrative procedure at the Embassy of the United States of America in Kinshasa. I have to file two...


Archangel Barachiel for a few years I have been going through a very difficult period because of jealous and malicious people who work in the police and other Algerian security services all my life is blocked and I have problems...


I would like to pray for my children for the start of the school year which will take place next month and then to intercede with my Protective Angel to watch over me and my family and also for desperate people like me.


May the angels and the archangels and the Virgin Mary support my son in his studies. so that he keeps courage and determination to become a doctor. AMEN


prayer for my husband to sign the government funding for him


I ask that you may pray for me that God will help me out of cycles of debt. And that my hands are no longer holed.


for the protection, elevations and unity of the child, grandchild and great-grandchild of HOUATIN Delphine, for the professional life of Rachel and the school life, spiritual, religious and social education of Onésime Eliakim and for…

Mayaki Emmanuel

may the Holy Spirit guide him, enlighten him, give him the wisdom necessary to carry out reconciliation in his family and may the Virgin Mary cover him with her maternal mantle for a good deliverance of MAYAKI Rachel