hello my name is ANDRE and my guardian angel is GABRIEL Please I ask you to pray for me in order to be enlightened throughout this year 2022 and especially in this difficult time that I am going through that the lord breaks all magic...


very sick and very weak physically I wish the total cure of all my illnesses and no longer have problems and health concerns Archange Barachiel country Algeria


May the soul of Papa Nicodème Muyer be able to journey well towards the Kingdom of God. May the soul of Jean-Claude Muyer journey well towards the Kingdom of God May the soul of Father Abdon Minengu journey well towards the Kingdom…


Praying for the year 2022 is going well for me and my children, my mother, and brothers and sisters. May we be blessed by You, and may we always be healthy.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Hello, could you please pray for civil peace, social, economic, legal, digital cyber, food, medical, health, family, especially of the child, and spiritual protection ...


Pray for Marco he is in the hospital in the paleative care for the COVID-19. Pray hard for Marco who is in danger of death amen


Hello. I ask you to pray for me in order to be enlightened in this difficult period that I am going through, I beg you to carry me in your prayers so that the Lord breaks all the malefic barriers, negative influences which ...


We give thanks to the Lord our God for all the blessings with which he grants us. Praised be his Name. I pray for peace, joy, health, success, happiness and harmony in my family and in my country. May my children ...


Romeo and Nadine protected by Michel. pray for us that this new year will bring good news. May he remove all diseases from us; that he brings us prosperity. And above all that this travel plan is re ...


intercede with me for Nadine protected by St Michael so that she immediately heals from this illness from which she suffers.