Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the ancients called a "Wonder of God." So, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord ...

The oldest Psalms have 3 000 years! King David, singing and dancing for God, is considered their father. Prayer of the believing Jew, as was the case of Jesus himself, the Psalms express all the human feelings of man before God, they are a prayer of praise and supplication. And since then, there is not a single moment when, somewhere in the world, a Psalm is raised to God. And thus, for centuries and centuries, these incessant praises and miraculous supplications have been realized.

"O LORD, I call on you, come hurry to me! Give ear to my voice, when I call on you. May my prayer be before your face like incense "(Ps 141: 1-2). Since those early times, men have sought to enter into communication with God. The Psalms are therefore part of these means.

In time, codifications and methods of recitation were instituted. For example at present, the Universal Catholic Church uses in the liturgy 147 psalms on the 150 of the biblical book. Thus, at each office, the psalms are the body of the prayer of the Church, the raw material of the Liturgy of the Hours.

But leave that aside to look at how early Christians used these psalms with wonderful powers. This way, much less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours, is strongly inspired by the Jewish tradition which itself is much more inclined to rites and rituals. Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the elders called a "Wonder of God." Thus, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord.

Psalm 106: To fight the forces of evil

The fight against the forces of evil must be done with a violent weapon: the love of God and not the hatred of others. This Psalm, borrowed from love, must be recited with absolute confidence in our Lord. Eliminate all spirit of vengeance within you.

How to use this psalm?


Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, for he is good,

For his mercy endures forever!

Who will tell the mighty deeds of the Lord?
Who will publish all his praise?

Happy are those who keep the law,
Who practice justice at all times!

O LORD, remember me in your kindness to your people!
Remember me by giving him your help,

So that I may see the happiness of your chosen ones,
May I rejoice in the joy of your people,
And may I glory with your inheritance!

We sinned like our fathers,
We have done iniquity, we have done wrong.

Our fathers in Egypt were not attentive to your miracles,
They did not remember the multitude of your graces,
They were rebellious near the sea, near the Red Sea.

But he saved them because of his name,
To manifest his power.

He threatened the Red Sea, and it dried up;
And he made them walk through the abyss as in a desert.

He saved them from the hand of the one who hated them,
He delivered them from the hand of the enemy.

The waters covered their adversaries:
Not a single one was left.

And they believed in his words,
They sang his praises.

But they soon forgot his works,
They did not wait for the execution of his designs.

They were greedy in the desert,
And they tempted God in solitude.

He granted them what they asked for;
Then he sent the withering into their bodies.

They showed themselves in the camp, jealous against Moses,
Against Aaron, the saint of the Lord.

The earth opened up and swallowed up Dathan,
And it closed in on Abiram's troop;

The fire ignited their troop,
The flame consumed the wicked.

They made a calf in Horeb,
They prostrated themselves before a picture of cast iron,

They exchanged their glory
Against the figure of an ox eating grass.

They forgot God, their savior,
Who did great things in Egypt,

Miracles in the land of Ham,
Wonders of the Red Sea.

And he spoke of exterminating them;
But Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him,
To deflect his fury and prevent him from destroying them.

They despised the country of delights;
They did not believe the word of the Lord,

They murmured in their tents,
They did not obey his voice.

And he raised his hand to swear
To make them fall in the desert,

To bring down their posterity among the nations,
And to disperse them in the middle of the country.

They clung to Baal Peor,
And ate victims sacrificed to the dead.

They angered the Lord with their actions,
And a wound burst among them.

Phineas rose to intervene,
And the plague ceased;

This was imputed to him
From generation to generation forever.

They angered the Lord by the waters of Meribah;
And Moses was punished because of them,

Because they embittered his spirit,
And he spoke lightly with his lips.

They did not destroy the peoples
Which the Lord commanded them to destroy.

They mingled with the nations,
And they learned their works.

They served their idols,
Who was a trap for them;

They sacrificed their sons
And their daughters to idols,

They shed innocent blood,
The blood of their sons and daughters,
That they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
And the country was desecrated by murders.

They defiled themselves by their works,
They prostituted themselves by their actions.

The anger of the Lord was kindled against his people,
And he took a horror of his inheritance.

He delivered them into the hands of the nations;
Those who hated them dominated over them;

Their enemies oppressed them,
And they were humbled under their power.

Several times he delivered them;
But they were rebellious in their plans,
And they became unhappy by their iniquity.

He saw their distress,
When he heard their pleas.

He remembered for them his covenant;

He pitied according to his great kindness,
And he excited for them the compassion
Of all those who held them captive.

Save us, O LORD our God!
And gather us from among the nations,
So that we may celebrate your holy name,
And that we put our glory to praise you!

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting!
And let all the people say: Amen! Praise the Lord!