Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the ancients called a "Wonder of God." So, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord ...

The oldest Psalms have 3 000 years! King David, singing and dancing for God, is considered their father. Prayer of the believing Jew, as was the case of Jesus himself, the Psalms express all the human feelings of man before God, they are a prayer of praise and supplication. And since then, there is not a single moment when, somewhere in the world, a Psalm is raised to God. And thus, for centuries and centuries, these incessant praises and miraculous supplications have been realized.

"O LORD, I call on you, come hurry to me! Give ear to my voice, when I call on you. May my prayer be before your face like incense "(Ps 141: 1-2). Since those early times, men have sought to enter into communication with God. The Psalms are therefore part of these means.

In time, codifications and methods of recitation were instituted. For example at present, the Universal Catholic Church uses in the liturgy 147 psalms on the 150 of the biblical book. Thus, at each office, the psalms are the body of the prayer of the Church, the raw material of the Liturgy of the Hours.

But leave that aside to look at how early Christians used these psalms with wonderful powers. This way, much less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours, is strongly inspired by the Jewish tradition which itself is much more inclined to rites and rituals. Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the elders called a "Wonder of God." Thus, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord.

Psalm 055: To develop his memory and his intellectual faculties

This Psalm has a physical effect on the brain, it acts in a way by doping the neurons. It consists of verses of exorcism against demonic waves which take the reins of our unconscious and block our cerebral capacities by bringing to the surface fears, anxieties, etc ... this in order to destabilize our discernment.

How to use this psalm?

- 55:1
To the choirmaster.
With stringed instruments.
Song of David.

- 55:2
O God! listen to my prayer,
And do not hide yourself from my supplications!

- 55:3
Listen to me, and answer me!
I wander here and there in my sorrow and I get agitated,

- 55:4
Because of the voice of the enemy and the oppression of the wicked;
Because they bring on me the misfortune,
And pursue me with anger.

- 55:5
My heart trembles within me,
And the terrors of death surprise me;

- 55:6
Fear and dread assail me,
And the thrill envelops me.

- 55:7
I say: Oh! if I had the wings of the dove,
I would fly away, and find rest;

- 55:8
Behold, I will flee far,
I would go and stay in the desert; -Pause.

- 55:9
I would escape in a hurry,
Faster than the stormy wind, than the storm.

- 55:10
Reduce to nothing, Lord, divide their tongues!
For I see violence and quarrels in the city;

- 55:11
They make day and night turn on the walls;
Iniquity and malice are in its midst;

- 55:12
Wickedness is in her midst,
And fraud and deception do not leave his places.

- 55:13
It is not an enemy who insults me, I would put up with it;
It is not my adversary who rises against me,
I would hide in front of him.

- 55:14
It's you, whom I considered my equal,
You, my confidant and my friend!

- 55:15
Together we lived in a sweet intimacy,
We went with the crowd to the house of God!

- 55:16
Let death overtake them,
Let them descend alive into hell!
For wickedness is in their abode, among them.

- 55:17
And I cry to God,
And the Lord will save me.

- 55:18
In the evening, in the morning, and at noon, I sigh and I moan,
And he will hear my voice.

- 55:19
He will deliver me from their approach and restore me peace,
Because they are numerous against me.

- 55:20
God will hear, and he will humble them,
He who from all eternity sits on his throne; -Pause.
For there is no change in them,
And they do not fear God.

- 55:21
He gets his hands on those who were at peace with him,
He breaks his covenant;

- 55:22
His mouth is softer than cream,
But war is in his heart;
His words are smoother than oil,
But they are naked swords.

- 55:23
Commit your lot to the Lord, and he will uphold you,
He will never let the righteous stumble.

- 55:24
And you, O God! you will bring them down to the bottom of the pit;
Men of blood and fraud
Will not reach half of their life.
It is in you that I trust