Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the ancients called a "Wonder of God." So, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord ...

The oldest Psalms have 3 000 years! King David, singing and dancing for God, is considered their father. Prayer of the believing Jew, as was the case of Jesus himself, the Psalms express all the human feelings of man before God, they are a prayer of praise and supplication. And since then, there is not a single moment when, somewhere in the world, a Psalm is raised to God. And thus, for centuries and centuries, these incessant praises and miraculous supplications have been realized.

"O LORD, I call on you, come hurry to me! Give ear to my voice, when I call on you. May my prayer be before your face like incense "(Ps 141: 1-2). Since those early times, men have sought to enter into communication with God. The Psalms are therefore part of these means.

In time, codifications and methods of recitation were instituted. For example at present, the Universal Catholic Church uses in the liturgy 147 psalms on the 150 of the biblical book. Thus, at each office, the psalms are the body of the prayer of the Church, the raw material of the Liturgy of the Hours.

But leave that aside to look at how early Christians used these psalms with wonderful powers. This way, much less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours, is strongly inspired by the Jewish tradition which itself is much more inclined to rites and rituals. Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the elders called a "Wonder of God." Thus, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord.

Psalm 037: Against financial worries

Daily life is made up of so many difficulties! To work, to earn one's bread, to face debts… But God helps us in all difficulties…

How to use this psalm?

- 37:1
From David. Don't get angry with the wicked,
Do not envy those who do evil.

- 37:2
For they are cut down as fast as grass,
And they wither like green grass.

- 37:3
Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Have the land for dwelling and fidelity for food.

- 37:4
Delight in the Lord,
And he will give you what your heart desires.

- 37:5
Commit your fate to the Lord,
Put your trust in him, and he will act.

- 37:6
He will make your justice look like light,
And your right as the sun at noon.

- 37:7
Keep silence before the Lord, and hope in him;
Do not be angry with him who succeeds in his ways,
Against the man who comes to the end of his evil designs.

- 37:8
Leave anger, abandon fury;
Don't get angry, that would be wrong.

- 37:9
For the wicked will be cut off,
And those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

- 37:10
A little while longer, and the villain is gone;
You look where he was, and he's gone.

- 37:11
The wretches own the country,
And they enjoy plenty of peace.

- 37:12
The evil form of projects against the just,
And he grit his teeth against him.

- 37:13
The Lord laughs at the wicked,
Because he sees that his day is coming.

- 37:14
The wicked pull the sword, They bandage their bow,
To bring down the poor and the needy,
To slaughter those whose path is right.

- 37:15
Their sword goes into their own heart,
And their bows break.

- 37:16
Better the little of the fair
Than the abundance of many wicked;

- 37:17
For the arms of the wicked will be broken,
But the Lord upholds the righteous.

- 37:18
The Lord knows the days of the blameless,
And their legacy lasts forever.

- 37:19
They are not confused at the time of misfortune,
And they are satiated in the days of famine.

- 37:20
But the wicked perish,
And the enemies of Jehovah like the finest pastures;
They vanish, they vanish in smoke.

- 37:21
The wicked borrow, and he does not give back;
The righteous is compassionate, and he gives.

- 37:22
For those whom the Lord blesses possess the land,
And those whom he curses are cut off.

- 37:23
The Lord establishes a man's footsteps,
And he enjoys his way;

- 37:24
If he falls, he is not struck down,
For the Lord takes his hand.

- 37:25
I was young, I got old;
And I did not see the righteous forsaken,
Neither his posterity begging for his bread.

- 37:26
He is always compassionate, and he is ready;
And his seed is blessed.

- 37:27
Turn away from evil, do good,
And have your home forever.

- 37:28
For the Lord loves righteousness,
And he does not abandon his followers;
They are still in his custody,
But the posterity of the wicked is cut off.

- 37:29
The righteous will possess the land,
And they will stay there forever.

- 37:30
The mouth of the righteous proclaims wisdom
And his tongue proclaims justice.

- 37:31
The law of his God is in his heart;
His steps do not stumble.

- 37:32
The wicked spies the righteous,
And he's trying to kill him.

- 37:33
The Lord will not leave it in his hand,
And he does not condemn him when he is on trial.

- 37:34
Hope in the Lord, keep his way,
And he will raise you up to own the land;
You will see the wicked entrenched.

- 37:35
I saw the wicked in all his power;
It stretched out like a leafy tree.

- 37:36
He has passed away, and behold, he is no more;
I'm looking for it, and it's no longer there.

- 37:37
Observe one who is upright, and look on him who is upright;
For there is seed for the man of peace.

- 37:38
But the rebels are all annihilated,
The posterity of the wicked is cut off.

- 37:39
The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord;
He is their protector at the time of trouble.

- 37:40
The Lord helps them and delivers them;
He delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
Because they seek refuge in him.