Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the ancients called a "Wonder of God." So, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord ...

The oldest Psalms have 3 000 years! King David, singing and dancing for God, is considered their father. Prayer of the believing Jew, as was the case of Jesus himself, the Psalms express all the human feelings of man before God, they are a prayer of praise and supplication. And since then, there is not a single moment when, somewhere in the world, a Psalm is raised to God. And thus, for centuries and centuries, these incessant praises and miraculous supplications have been realized.

"O LORD, I call on you, come hurry to me! Give ear to my voice, when I call on you. May my prayer be before your face like incense "(Ps 141: 1-2). Since those early times, men have sought to enter into communication with God. The Psalms are therefore part of these means.

In time, codifications and methods of recitation were instituted. For example at present, the Universal Catholic Church uses in the liturgy 147 psalms on the 150 of the biblical book. Thus, at each office, the psalms are the body of the prayer of the Church, the raw material of the Liturgy of the Hours.

But leave that aside to look at how early Christians used these psalms with wonderful powers. This way, much less conventional than the Liturgy of the Hours, is strongly inspired by the Jewish tradition which itself is much more inclined to rites and rituals. Through the laws of Kabbalah, each of the 150 psalms were given what the elders called a "Wonder of God." Thus, to obtain a grace from the Lord, it was not enough to sing the psalm indicated, it was also necessary to perform a "plus" that allowed to be in adequacy with the Lord.

Psalm 022: To ward off bad luck

This Psalm is very useful for those who have devekin and who are persecuted by the scumoune. It is also effective enough to distract from negative waves that prevent the chance to see you by forming an opaque screen.

How to use this psalm?

To the Chief Musician. On <>. Psalm of David.

My God! my God! why did you abandon me
And do you walk away without helping me, without listening to my complaints?

My God! I cry during the day, and you do not answer;
At night, and I have no rest.

Yet you are the Saint,
You sit in the midst of the praises of Israel.

In you, trusted our fathers;
They trusted each other, and you delivered them.

They cried to you, and they were saved;
They trusted in you, and they were not ashamed.

And I am a worm and not a man,
The opprobrium of men and the contempt of the people.

Everyone who sees me makes fun of me,
They open their mouths, shake their heads:

Commit yourself to the Lord! The Lord will save him,
He will deliver him, since he loves him!

Yes, you brought me out of the womb,
You put me in safety on my mother's breasts;

From the womb I have been in your care,
From the belly of my mother you have been my God.

Don't stray from me when distress is near,
When no one comes to my rescue!

Many bulls are around me,
Bulls of Bashan surround me.

They open against me their mouth,
Like the lion that tears and roars.

I'm like flowing water
And all my bones are separating;
My heart is like wax,
It melts in my bowels.

My strength withers like clay,
And my tongue sticks to my palate;
You reduce me to the dust of death.

Because dogs surround me,
A gang of scoundrels roam around me,
They pierced my hands and my feet.

I could count all my bones.
They, they observe, they look at me;

They share my clothes,
They draw lots for my tunic.

And you, Lord, do not go far away!
You who are my strength, come in haste to my help!

Protect my soul against the sword,
My life against the power of dogs!

Save me from the mouth of the lion,
Deliver me buffalo horns!

I will publish your name among my brothers,
I will celebrate you in the midst of the assembly.

You who fear the Lord, praise him!
All you posterity of Jacob, glorify him!
Tremble before him, all you descendants of Israel!

For he has neither contempt nor disdain for the pains of the wretched,
And he does not hide his face from him;
But he listens to her when he shouts at him.

You will be the object of my praise in the great assembly;
I will fulfill my vows in the presence of those who fear you.

The unfortunate will eat and be satisfied,
Those who seek the Lord will praise him.
May your heart live forever!

All the ends of the earth will think of the Lord and turn to him;
All the families of the nations will bow to your face.

For to the Lord belongs the kingdom:
He dominates the nations.

All the mighty of the earth will eat and worship;
All those who descend to the dust will bow before him,
Those who can not keep their lives.

Posterity will serve him;
We will speak of the Lord to the future generation.

When she comes, she will announce her justice,
She will announce her work to the newborn people.