This rite puts you under the protection of Raphael and allows you to avoid any danger of transport accident.

A few days before your departure ...

... always on a Friday and at a Heavenly Hour of Raphael, copy from your hand, in black ink, the Psalm 18 on one or more sheets (do not make photocopies!).

It is rather advisable to use parchment sheets for this purpose. Once the writing is complete, put your writing in your Bible on the page of Psalm 18 until the day before you leave.

The day before your departure ...

... toHeavenly Hour of your Angeltake the Psalm you wrote and tear the leaves into small pieces. Recite immediately after the prayer: "Please recite before and during a journey".

Please recite before and during a trip

Deign, Lord, to direct all our steps and to surround us in all places with your holy protection. May your gentle providence deign to serve us as a guide and support, and preserve us from all misfortune. Grant to us Lord, the abundance of your graces, so that everywhere we follow the way of your commandments and that, resisting all the temptations of sin, we can say with the prophet: Your law, O my God is a light for our steps; it is a brilliant torch that illuminates our paths.

O merciful Father, bless with the same goodness our departure and our return; guard us from all danger and spread peace on the road we must travel.

God full of mercy, you once gave the children of Israel a way in the midst of the waters, and you led them for forty years into the wilderness, protecting them in the day against the heat of the sun, and lighting them up at night with a cloud. of fire: deign, Lord, to surround us also with your constant protection.

You have sent an Archangel to lead young Tobias, to defend him in danger and to bring him back safely; Deign also, Lord, to give orders to your angels to watch over us and to carry us in their hands, lest we strike the foot against the stone.

You led the Magi to the cradle of Jesus by a miraculous star; you have established the waters under the feet of St. Peter, so that he may go to that same Jesus, his good master.

Deign, Lord, grant us also your mighty help, and give us the grace to come to you happily.

We offer you, O my God, all our races and all our fatigue; we want to walk always in your ways, so that loving you and serving you faithfully in all places, we may reach blessed eternity, the goal of our pilgrimage on earth. So be it.

This done, keep the small pieces of Psalm 18 in a bag.

The day of departure…

… Recite the “Prayer to be recited before and during a journey” again.
If you do not leave alone, it would be nice to Raphael that all members of the "expedition" recite it, each on their side before leaving the house.
If the trip is very long or spread over several days, do not hesitate to recite it during the course.

How to use the confetti of Psalm 18?

The “confetti” of Psalm 18 are to be used in the following way: whenever you have to use any means of transport (your personal car, taxi, plane, boat, bus, cable car, etc.) take the trouble to drop off in this transport a few small pieces of Psalm 18 just before departure. You will thus attract the divine protection of Raphael. Have a nice trip !


To protect your luggage, prepare them for Vibratory Day of your Angel or a Friday (Raphael's Day), regardless of the time. You can also put in your bags or suitcases the Raphael Pentacle. Thus, all your objects will be under his protection.

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