Calculate your protective archangel from your date of birth and your baptismal name. The Angels are counted by myriads of myriads… In other words, They are innumerable. Each of us has a Guardian Angel, and his name is a spiritual reflection of our own name. But here at SKIES, when we talk about the Angel who protects us,

we are actually referring to ten Angels, who are actually the Archangels, Heads of the Celestial Hierarchies. Indeed, the 72 angels deduced from the Sephirothic Great Tree are certainly better known, but they correspond more to magical and esoteric practices than to a true reality of spiritual and religious order.

Calculate your archangel

The hierarchy of Archangels that follows is transmitted to us by St. Dionysius the Areopagite, who lived in the first century AD. The devotion to the Archangels was very much practiced by the Christians of the origins, in all the Mediterranean basin until in Flanders, Austria and Germany! It is besides the writings of Saint Dionysius the Areopagite, first bishop of the Church of Athens, who allowed Charles V to build in Palermo, in 1523, a church dedicated to these Celestial Archangels. This building was unfortunately destroyed by the thunderbolts of Rome, because the highest religious authorities feared to establish a kind of idolatrous Christianity.

Thus, if Ariel is your Archangel Protector, it is because you are attached to the hierarchy of Ariel, having the specificities of this Archangel. It is as if, having been born in July for example, you would have the characteristics of the astrological sign of Leo. However, this "angelic signature" is not given to you only by your birth. It is also the fruit of your parents. Thus, to calculate the name of the Archangel to which you belong, these two criteria were taken into account, using the rules of Judeo-Christian Kabbalah.

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