The Archangel Nikaël is the master of time: it is he who governs the seasons, the years, the cycles. It sometimes upsets the order and the rhythms, because it is necessary to know that the evolution of everything passes by the annihilation to be reborn. Nikaël controls the atmospheric phenomena and makes sensitive those it protects to climatic variations.


  • His Vibratory Day: Tuesday.
  • His Vibratory Month: November.
  • Vibratory Number: the 10.
  • Vibratory Color: black.
  • Its Vibrating Fragrances: Cedar - Kiwi - Tamarind.
  • His Vibratory Stone: Hematite.
  • His Priority Psalm: 133, to read in the Bible.

The personality of Nikaël's protégés

Nikaël's protégés are people who like to have a good life. What they do not like at all is the unexpected. They have a marked path and they do not want to deviate from it. Some will say they have a "hard head", but they do not care. They will prefer to be hated rather than put water in their wine! They abhor compromises that they equate rather with redemption.

From a philosophical point of view, the intellectual or cultural exchange must in no way lead to a mixture. For them, everything must be in its place and everything has its lid!

On another level, it will often be seen that Nikaël's protégés have great passions: very often, they are linked to everything that touches nature. The plants, the garden, the animals, the stars and all that can be done cyclically according to the rhythm of nature.

The possibilities of Nikaël's protégés

Fortunately for them, a flaw allows them to integrate socially: they want to count in the eyes of others. This counterbalances their "Army General" side!

Their greatest quality lies in their finesse of observation which allows them to make penetrating and subtle analyzes, unassailable arguments and a critical sense never denied! With such a personality and possibilities, let's not be surprised to find Nikaël's protégés at the highest positions in society.

But what is quite incredible is that we find them in all branches of activity, even contradictory to each other: clairvoyance, medicine, banking, army, ecology, philosophy ... In fact, we find them where they are. can exercise their fabulous analytical skills. It should also be noted that it is during work trips that they are likely to form their own opinions.

The feelings of Nikaël's protégés

The proteges of Nikaël devote a real devotion to their parents, even if they have made them drool: it is in the order of things! In their love life, we can not do generalities. Indeed, everything depends on how they were raised.

On the other hand, it is clear that they can find their fulfillment only in a life of two. They make very bad and grumpy singles. By cons, all love to seduce and their great weapon is humor. They are also jealous that could be described as unhealthy.

This fault will also be found in his friendships with both sexes. But do not try to treat him, he is incurable! Know how to take him as he is and discreetly, he will make an effort ...

The priority areas of Nikaël

You can appeal by invoking this Angel, regardless of your Angel-protector for the following priority areas:

To learn the occult sciences.
To develop the gift of power and command.
To purify his spiritual and psychic waves and reactivate his fluids.
To change an unfavorable destiny.
To help his children and tie them to a good life.
For urgent business.

You can ask Nikaël for help. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence. If this is the case, click here.

Ancient Invocation of Nikael




Know also that this Ancient Invocation, apart from its verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment.
You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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