The realization of your desire must obey the Universal Laws (or laws of Nature), otherwise it will not happen, no matter what type of action you take. Thus, if you dream of becoming, in a very short time, a great magistrate or ... a king (!), While you do not even have your Elementary Certificate, or that you are not yourself the son of a king, well, you can dream for a long time, it won't bother anyone, but be sure your business is doomed to failure! It is therefore necessary, before acting, to reflect in all lucidity on your real situation, not to hide your shortcomings from you and to try to remedy them without resorting to who knows what magic, which obviously cannot transform your nature.

You are looking for a job, for example: Do not wait with folded arms for it to come from heaven because you have had recourse to incense, candles ... The proverb "Help you and Heaven will help you" applies perfectly to your case. Read the classifieds and respond to the ones that seem best suited to your skills. Don't let a wild imagination run wild (“I will be CEO of this Company” while you are just waiting for a meeting during which you will apply for a middle management job!) Take into account your diplomas and your CV. Once this realistic assessment has been made, put all the chances on your side by following the path of common sense: check your outfit, the cleanliness of your body and your clothes, etc ... and only then, undertake a spiritual operation, being of course that everything what emerged in the concrete domain depending on your efforts has been accomplished!


Some of you may think that results are obtained every day by people who want to do evil, through what they call "Magic", "Witchcraft" ... and that this second rule has no value by itself. .

Is ! Witchcraft, alas, gives good results and it is true that they are often rapid and astounding. But we must not however hide the ephemeral and factitious character of this result (a return of affection carried out in this way leads to the sudden departure, barely a month after the occult work, of the person who had "come back" against his. will and fate). Even more serious are the consequences for the person who ordered the work: accident, illness, loss of a dear relative is the price to pay. These dire consequences may be slow to manifest themselves, but inevitably, just as a clock does not strike before it is time, they will strike. And let's not mention the much worse fate that awaits the sorcerer!

Any spiritual and theurgic operation must tend towards the good of others. We will therefore do nothing that can rob someone to enrich ourselves, attract a person already linked to another, ask for Divine Protection while we do not stop slander and slander.

The rule which demands an ethics based on Good and the quest for harmony is absolute and no use of esoteric products or divine Invocations will give you real satisfaction if you try to circumvent this second rule.


When we talk about our projects, we squander the Force: a project is only a thought, at this moment. When we tell everyone (who absorbs the energy "on the way") a very interesting affair which will come true (everything is ready, the appointments are made, etc.), it is strongly compromised because the Force is in full activity, densified on the psychic level, and will appear from one day to another: this will be the happy conclusion of the affair.
In speaking, one thus impoverishes the Force in condensation and it happens frequently for this reason, such as balloons of balloon, apparently well engaged business "explode" at the last moment!

If the energy is dispersed, as we have just shown, when the normal course of human activities is concerned, imagine how much the Force is even more precious when it comes to undertaking a spiritual and theurgic operation!

If, on the other hand, you showed your friends your altar and the cupboard filled with jars of plants, candles, coals and Incense… the mere glance of these people would "dirty" your theurgic instruments! It is therefore important to understand that, while it is generally preferable to be discreet in order to succeed in life, when discussing spiritual practices, silence is required.


When you've written a letter, you drop it in the mailbox for the postman to pick it up and get it to its destination!

The same goes for the realization of our desires. It is necessary to know how to forget what one wishes once the load, by visualization, and the theurgic operation carried out. If we think continuously, and especially in an anguished way, about what is so important to us, about the spiritual action undertaken, we keep the Force trapped in our aura and in this way we prevent it from acting. This rule of "letting go" is one of the main principles on the Spiritual Path.

See our spiritual actions from a distance!