In this part of the site, you will be able to find Christian rites inscribed in the Faith of the origins. We are currently in a meaningless, disturbing and uncertain world where we no longer know which direction to take to get out of the difficulties that beset us ... Fortunately, the rites are benchmarks, they give meaning to our existence as Christians ...


The release ritual

The rite of ten candles of the same color

The rite of “MEA CULPA”

The candlelight rite of the ten Archangels

The rite of Bon Voyage : this ritual based on the power of the Psalms ...

The ritual of the saints Doctors : to protect against disease, cure and against the risk of relapses ...

The ritual of Thanks : so as not to break the thread that connects us to our protective Angel ...

The ritual to the Angel of the Year : ask three wishes from the Archangel who will guide the new year!

The ritual at the Cross of Ashes: to do penance and be reborn from the ashes.

The ritual of Salomé: strengthens emotional luck by keeping away the impure forces that break hearts.

The “Mater Virgo” ritual: to attract the good graces of Mary, Divine Queen of Angels.

The ritual of Pope Sylvester : protection against hate mesmerisms.

The ritual of Saint Perfect: no longer let the sharp arrows of wickedness slowly destroy you!

The ritual of the Sauve-Croix : protection against bewitchments.

See also our rituals by delegation