Louisette Rano is desperate. She had found a good job a few months ago. There you go, patatras… She finds herself unemployed again. Jealousy has done its work: her colleagues are bitter against the newcomer, and she did not resist… She has resigned. The current period is surely not conducive to find a job, places are not running the streets with the crisis ... So when you have a job, it is better to keep it and not to make waves ... But jealousy helping, we are sometimes found in delicate or even inextricable situations! To face these work difficulties, we explain here how to act and react.

It is a frequent phenomenon! "She is too well dressed, the boss looks at her more than me, we compliment her" ... Jealousy fuels catastrophes. Sometimes the envious manage to cast spells, they persecute all kinds of things; in short, they do everything to see the intruder escape. So don't panic here are the 10 tips to escape it.


Among colleagues, what could be more natural than talking about the children, the husband, the friend, the house. Well no, don't let anything of your privacy filter out. You will certainly be taken for a wild person. Never mind. Be silent as a carp or say banalities that anyone could say in your place… 2 - DO NOTHING


"Hey, this weekend we went to the in-laws in the country: I brought you some tomatoes". Do not accept them, or at least do not eat them. Because they are often poisoned gifts, in which we put “intentions” and not good ones. Recite on this kind of gifts before having them enter your home (if you are obliged to look good and take them away) Psalm 112 in the Bible: “Happy the man…”. 3 - DO NOT GIVE


Bad waves go very well over the phone. Anonymous phone calls too. So do not give your personal number to your colleagues. How many people complain about having calls without a “person” on the other end of the phone. Well, often these are the ones you don't even suspect!


If your work places you at a desk and you are seated in a certain place, wipe your chair every morning with a suitable cloth ... For this, prepare a chamois and let it soak in someSt. Michael's Water for 24 hours and recite Psalm 51 on it “O God, have mercy on me…”. Every week, wash the chamois as indicated above to purify it and make it capable of erasing evil. 5 - CLOSE


You have a closet where you leave your city things, clothes, shoes, etc. It would be too stupid for an enemy to come and play in it if you are used to leaving the door open. Place inside the Pentacle of your Archangel protector to preserve you. And of course, also lock the door with a good padlock. It is simple and efficient…


You have noticed that Denise always insists on kissing you, you, and you alone… does she have good intentions? Nothing is too certain. Avoid these physical contacts, even if it is sometimes a hypocritical handshake, a pat on the shoulder and all kinds of demonstrations whose purpose and purpose you don't always know. If this kind of merry-go-round starts to irritate you, scent yourself with the Perfume of Powers in the morning before going to work.


A colleague takes you aside and tells you that Yvonne doesn't like you and that she says bad things about you. Don't listen, because this kind of fantasy is put to good use. This often creates enemies where there are none and camouflages the real protests. In this case, use the Tabernacle of Saint George.


Among colleagues, we help each other. But what if we were to use your money against you? There are frequent occasions to ask you for small sums: the lottery, the office trifecta, the retirement gift, forgetting your wallet… So don't give out money, always find a way out. And even for the quest of the departing colleague, offer him a personal gift, rather than seeing the money supernaturally leave his pocket when it has been worked ... If by chance you have missed change, do a Bath of Serenity of Saint Jude to cancel all possibilities to hinder your money.


Apart from what is necessary for your work, do not leave behind personal papers, letters, drafts ... that we could steal and use to embarrass you. And on vacation, do not send postcards or emails or SMS!


This is the last and most effective rule! This prayer (see below) you can do it easily on the train, the metro, the bus… so the wickedness, jealousy, relentlessness will pass over you without ever reaching you. If you can't memorize it, write it down and read it mentally before you go to work.
Child Jesus, be blessed at all times and pour out your divine grace on me. Keep me in my daily work from those who rise up against me with the intention of destroying me and make my enemies immobile stones. You are my defense, my guard and my shield; remove from me the jealous and the hypocrites, the fierce and the utopian; so that no one can envy and divert my way and my livelihood. Amen

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