It is clear that we ask our Angel more often than we spend time thanking him.

That is why it is good and deferent to say thank you from time to time: once a year is a good pace. Do not forget that the one who gives receives!

To be performed at least once a year and preferably in the Vibratory Month of his Angel. To know the Vibratory Month of your Angel, click here.

Material needed to perform this rite:

You will first need to make an altar rug. Choose a fabric, rather silky, shiny or satin. Its size should be square (between 50 and 60 cm). Its color should match the Vibratory color of your Angel. Make a hem so that the fabric does not fray.

To devote this carpet before its first use, you will need, at a Heavenly Hour of your Angel, drag an Ancient Invocation Scroll of your Angel (face printed on the fabric) while reciting Twelve times the Ancient Invocation.

Thus done, this rug will serve you whenever you want to perform this ritual. Remember to iron it before each use. No unsightly folds should be there.

In addition, you will also need to obtain the Icon of your Angel, four Archangels Candles as well as Archangels incense

How to perform this rite

This ritual is only done Vibratory Days and Celestial Hours of your Angel.
You will proceed as follows:

In a dimly lit room, sit at a table that has been cleared of any object, put your altar rug on it.

Put in the middle of the cloth the vessel containing the burning coal, on which you will deposit incense of your Angel or Pontifical Incense.

Then, recite theAncient Summoning of your Angel ten times, while lighting the four candles that you place at each corner of the carpet.


Take your Icon in hand and pass it through the smoke of incense to purify it. Then, place the Icon on your heart by supporting it with your right hand and recite it. Your Angel's Priority Psalm.

This done, place the Icon at the top of the incense (compared to a clock, at 12 hours), the feet of the Angel near the incense (see diagram).

Recite the Ancient Invocation three times. Then, rotate the Icon to the right (ie to 3 hours), taking care that the Angel's feet always remain near the incense. Recite the Ancient Invocation three more times. Repeat this process in the same way down and to the left of the incense (ie for 6 and 9 hours).

Then return the Icon to its original position (ie 12 hours) and recite your Angel's Priority Psalm. Stay a few minutes with your hands clasped, then turn off the candles one by one clockwise, starting with the one at the top right. Whenever you extinguish a candle, recite the Ancient Summon. The Ritual of Thanks is now over.

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