Discomfort, troubles, skin beasts, devil's scratches, interior presence... To chase away spirits that bother the body, use White Clay.
Indeed, evil spirits cannot tolerate this material. Its use is universal, from the first Christians to the warriors of the African tribes who coated their bodies with white earth to become invisible to evil powers.

How to proceed ?

  • Obtain 150 grams of White Clay.
  • On a Sunday, at a MIKAEL Heavenly Hour, mix it with white wine, so as to obtain the consistency of pancake batter.
  • Coat your entire body with this poultice and let it “scab” while reciting Psalm 35 in your Bible.
  • Then take a shower.
  • Once you have dried yourself, rub your body with Lavender scented oil.

Thanks to this tradition, we obtain very good results against infestations. You can start this poultice every two months or so.

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