Mebael means "Fear of God" in Hebrew This Archangel is formidable. He is known as the Exterminating Angel. It was he who, during the exodus of the Hebrew people, passed over all the houses of Egypt. He spared the homes of the Jews who had kept the Passover while he exterminated the Egyptian newborns. His power is exercised against the forces of evil and destroys everything God commands him to destroy.


His Vibratory Day: Saturday.
His Vibratory Month: December.
Vibratory Number: the 8.
Its Vibratory Color: yellow.
Its Vibrating Fragrances: Cyprus - Tamarind - Birch.
His Vibratory Stone: Citrine.
His Priority Psalm: 87, to read in the Bible.

The personality of Mébaël's proteges

The proteges of Mebael are cold-blooded, lucid and intentionally honest beings. Indeed, here is a personality who does not let himself be influenced by the "outside" of things and people. For them, only the truth lies bare, without artifice of any kind. One could go so far as to say that they are slaves of their own truth and their ideals!

An eye riveted on their goals, they do not appear in the eyes of others like happy jokes! In fact, they do not tolerate any mirror larks! "Order, work, discipline" is what dazzles them rather than "conviviality, fun, diplomacy".

Another facet of their personality is their tremendous ability to explain: they are excellent teachers because they like to instill their knowledge.

The possibilities of Mébaël's proteges With a personality such as this, Mébaël's proteges are very gifted for trades relating to fundamental research, sciences, archeology, caving, medicine, writing… done, wherever they will have the opportunity to understand, explain or better apprehend the world.

Among his protégés, let us quote the famous Pastor; the decryptor of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Champollion; Louis Braille, the inventor of writing for the blind; Elvis Presley, the king of rock n 'roll; Marx and his community system ...

But do not think that all the proteges of this Angel are so famous! Most of the time, they find their place in the sun provided they do a job they consider useful for the welfare of their peers. If they are only a pawn on the chessboard of the "cogwheel", it does not matter! If they are not the bosses, well, so be it! They do not seek glory, they just want to move the world forward. And the more they work, the more they feel fulfilled!

The feelings of Mebael's proteges

In their search for the absolute, their feelings are internalized, discreet, secret, modest, but at the same time, powerful and passionate. It's all or nothing. So love is a source of feverish questions and frustrations. Indeed, to live a privileged relationship, you must get out of oneself, of your own privacy and leave your own ivory tower. The proteges of Mebael are reluctant!

Moreover, the situations of dependence that supposes a life of a couple do not fit well with their character. Of course, they know how to seduce, charm and move, but after a while, they can not help but be aggressive and make responsible to be loved to want to attach too much to them!

Finally, in terms of love or friendship, the virtue they place above others is fidelity. A total and absolute fidelity that will push some to give up human love "too human" for another love: that of God.

Mébaël's priority areas

You can appeal by invoking this Angel, regardless of your Angel-protector for the following priority areas:

To overthrow all kinds of demonic traps or evil works.
To ship visible and invisible enemies.
To destroy black magic, witchcraft.
To exterminate and exorcise succubic spirits, infestations.
To compel his enemies, send back the dead.

You can ask Mebael for help. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence. If this is the case, click here.

Ancient Invocation of Mebahel




Know also that this Ancient Invocation, apart from its verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment.
You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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