Some spirits possess the soul and give orders. These voices are captured by the possessed who can not escape the commandments of these evil spirits. Then call on the powers of the Angel Ariel who has the ability to exorcise the dorlis, to chase the secondary demons and to fight against invisible enemies.How to proceed:

  • At A Heavenly Hour of Ariel, see Calendar of Angels, Burn someIncense of the Three Magitake two apples, peel them and make a stew. When it is warm, put in a Vibrating stone of Ariel (Cornaline). Swirl gently while reciting the Psalm 71 in your Bible.
  • This done, let this preparation cool for about 24 hours.
  • The time passed and still at a Celestial Hour of Ariel, fumigate Incense of the Three Magi and stir the compote again by reciting the same psalm. Collect Vibratory Stone, clean it and using it, draw a cross on your forehead. Then you'll just have to eat the compote at one time. Attention, it is necessary to ingest the compote outside the meal hours. It must consist exclusively of these two apples. It should not be flavored with another ingredient or sweetened. This rite can be carried out in case of attack or preventively every month, for people who suffer from repeated assaults.

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