You can ask for help with the Angel of the Current Month. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence.

Example: Nikaël is the Angel of the month of November. One of his skills is to help children and attach them to a good life (see Angel Priority Areas below). It is therefore in November that, for example, you can ask Nikaël to ensure that your child is not drawn into bad company.

Here's how to proceed:

Wear approximately 10 hours per day, for the entire period concerned (in this example: the month of November) le Ancient Summoning Scroll of the Angel concerned over you (in this example: that of Nikaël).

Each Vibratory Day of the Angel during the period (in this example: every Tuesday in November), to one of his Celestial Hours, wash your hands and recite his Ancient Invocation, then formulate your wish aloud or mentally.

The last Vibratory Day of the period act in the same way, then burn the Parchment and recite its Priority Psalm.


Even if your grace occurred before the end of the period, go to the end of the cycle as a thank you.

Archangel Ange
of the month of: 
Priority area of ​​Archangels
Sunday Psalm 1 To fight against visible enemies. To develop the gift of command by voice. To increase the gift of music. To chase minds incubates. Excellent for an oral exam. To convince difficult people. To attract a loved one.
June Monday Psalm 103 To read in shiny objects: mirror, ball, water. To practice reading the thoughts of others and develop telepathy. Excellent for contacting a person of the opposite sex, to have her come. To deflect bad luck in love.
April Tuesday Psalm 134 For spiritual and intellectual development. To fight against invisible enemies. To cleanse the unclean places by burning incense, lights. To exorcise the dorlis and hunt the secondary demons. For the increase of the memory, the concentration and the will. To persevere in the goals set. To study well.
Mars Friday Psalm 18 To have surgery, to try a new medical treatment. To develop the gift of healing, to prepare herbal teas. Favorable to force the astral body out of the physical body. To make an important administrative step. Excellent for passing the permit. To make a good trip.
May Wednesday Psalm 145 To intercede before God, to obtain graces for others, to obtain the gift of miracles. To attract luck in the work, for a professional interview. To carry out his projects or any business. To be seen and create sympathy around you. Learn music.
September Thursday Psalm 22 To attract money luck. Against financial problems. To bless people and places. To consecrate his house. To force thieves to return their booty. For justice cases. To have a good game
January February Wednesday Psalm 11 To develop the gift of the pendulum, magnetism. To discover sources. To perform the rites of High Science. Know the exam topics. Make a serious decision. To unite the family.
 December  Saturday Psalm 87 To overthrow all kinds of demonic traps or evil works. To ship visible and invisible enemies. To destroy black magic, witchcraft. To exterminate and exorcise succubic spirits, infestations. To compel his enemies, send back the dead.
October Friday Psalm 25 To untie the pacts, issue marbles. To develop the gift of visions and to know future things. To see things invisible. To identify and inventory his enemies.
November Tuesday Psalm 133 To learn the occult sciences. To develop the gift of power and command. To purify his spiritual and psychic waves and reactivate his fluids. To change an unfavorable destiny. To help his children and tie them to a good life. For urgent business.

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