Simple - Effective - Protective

If the Pentacle is a graphic prayer, the Angelic Invocation an oral prayer, the Bath of Serenity is a physical prayer. Thanks to this ablution, our whole body is immersed in the angelic waves. Indeed, the Bath of Serenity allows you to communicate even better with your Angel, while creating a protective shell against unhealthy forces. So, reconnect with this ancient spiritual practice!

To know

Whoever prays correctly to his Angel is assured of his protection. But unfortunately it is also through the physical body that evil can enter. No one is safe from finding objects “prepared” or “worked” on their way by who knows what ill-intentioned person. This is how the dorlis can enter us.

By bathing in the Salt of Serenity dedicated to your Angel, you will be given etheric and spiritual protection. You will then be surrounded by an invisible bubble that evil will not be able to perforate.

These baths, to be efficient, must be done at least during the vulnerable periods of your Angel. Maximum protection is guaranteed if the frequency is one bath every month.

Vulnerable periods of Angels for the year 2019:

Mikaël : December

Gabriel : January - February - October - November - December

Ariel : August September October November December

Raphael : July - August - September - October - November

Jehudiel : January - September - October - November - December

Barachiel : January February March April May

Sehaltiel : June - July - August - September - October

Mébaël : April - May - June - July - August

Méhaël : February - March - April - May - June

Nikaël : March - April - May - June - July

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