This rite allows you to obtain what you want (see the list of color characteristics above). Example: use 10 light green candles to attract the waves of sympathy and stop jealousies at your place.

Light, after having devoted, a candle a day (for nine days in a row). It will be necessary that the candle goes out of itself. Do this work rather from 18 hours. To order your ten candles, click hereTo increase the chances of success of this rite, you can, in the first hour or the candle is consumed, to burn an incense or a powder of plants which corresponds to the request which you formulate with the Celestial Forces. If you do not know which incense to use, usePontifical Incense.

IMPORTANT: If you find that a candle goes out before it is completely consumed, it means that a force prevents you from achieving your goals. Then stop this ritual and practice a job of protection and de-enchantment: ritual of the Sauve-Croix or soaping Soap of Serenity of Mikaël and in both cases, use of the Pentacle of Mebahel to destroy the evil trap by manufacturing a lift (explained in the Pentacle record). On the tenth day, on your last candle make a line to mark the middle then, do as for the first nine days.While the candle will be consumed From the beginning to the middle mark, write on a paper the grace you ask the Higher Forces. It will take a few seconds as maybe over two hours!

But in any case, do not write more than on one sheet and only on one side. Then, when the middle line has disappeared (it will mean that you have at least consumed half of the candle), you will burn the sheet on which you have written your request. Once this candle completely consumed, the ritual will be finished.

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