But the root AR or AOR is more distant, since it comes from Sanskrit or it means "creative fire, divine energy". Its symbol is a flamboyant and luminous torch. Ariel inherited, after the fall of Lucifer, the right to be "Light Bearer". This fire is not a destructive element, but an energy that allows us to see the divine path.

To know :

  • His Vibratory Day: Tuesday.
  • His Vibratory Month: April.
  • Vibratory Number: the 3.
  • Vibratory Color: red-orange.
  • Its Vibrating Fragrances: Honeysuckle - Apple - Cedar.
  • His Vibratory Stone: the Carnelian.
  • His Priority Psalm: 134, to read in the Bible.

The personality of Ariel's proteges

Being born with the protection of Ariel infuses without doubt, a taste of action rather than that of meditation. Realistic and combative, he has a big appetite for life. When he is not inhibited, he loves the outside world. He pays attention to everything that happens around him. He also likes to express his point of view by taking "bias". We can not accuse him of playing the politics of the abstentionist.

As much as he is interested in others, he is individualistic! He has a horror of mass discipline, and he has difficulty with social rules if it violates his natural instinct or his freedom of action and thought. He likes to provoke: to offend the propriety delight him, because it allows him to affirm his strong need of independence.

But, like everyone else, Ariel's protégé suffers from certain weaknesses. First, if he can not channel his energy by wanting to be on all fronts, he may be subject to severe nervous breakdowns or periods of torpor. It's not so easy to live your life beating! It is also possible that he happens to be indignant for little. This will be for him a method that will give him the illusion of existing.

In his periods of despondency, he will not seek to adapt to the new situation, he will remain securely tied to his convictions, until the moment when life has decided to put him back on track. In other words, it is in his interest to be born under a "lucky star"! He is able to let the situation rot until he finds himself a tramp and cut off from the real world leading an extraordinary life.

The possibilities of Ariel's proteges

His goal in life is to move forward. This state of mind confers on him, according to his field of activity, the desire for trades where to have the spirit of initiative, the taste for adventure and the desire for innovation, But make no mistake, it is for him to be the leader or the creator! To tell you the truth, why not!

Ariel encourages him to have complete confidence in the future. With him, tomorrow always sing… He is an eternal optimist. Changing the world is a challenge for him. Besides, the more things resist him, the more he appreciates it. He needs a contrary force which stimulates him and which resists him. At worst, it will create one ...

The feelings of Ariel's proteges

There are a lot of divorces among Ariel's proteges. In a Relationship, he does not particularly shine by excess of loyalty! And this for two major reasons: first of all, as we have said, he is an individualist, but also because he does not support aging and decrepitude. He will always tend to seek the company of a partner younger than him. It is in this fear of growing old that he will find the company of children entertaining. For him, they are a way to become eternal ...

Ariel's priority areas

You can appeal by invoking this Angel, regardless of your Angel-protector for the following priority areas:

  • For spiritual and intellectual development.
  • To fight against invisible enemies.
  • To cleanse the unclean places by burning incense, lights.
  • To exorcise the dorlis and hunt the secondary demons.
  • For the increase of the memory, the concentration and the will.
  • To persevere in the goals set.
  • To study well.

You can ask Ariel for help. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence. If this is the case, click here.

Ancient Summon of Ariel




Know also that this Ancient Invocation, apart from its verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment.
You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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