Barachiel means "Blessing of God" in Hebrew It is his responsibility to transmit to men the divine fluids that allow them to obtain the chance, the "barruch" or "barraka". In the Hebrew language, the words blessing and luck merge. In fact, he who is blessed by God is a lucky one: everything he does succeeds him. This modern age makes us forget this notion of blessing that transports the divine fluids on beings and things, in order to bring them abundance.


  • His Vibratory Day: Thursday.
  • His Vibratory Month: September.
  • Vibratory Number: the 6.
  • Vibratory Colors: purple or purple.
  • Its Vibrating Fragrances: Geranium - Lemon - Palm tree.
  • His Vibratory Stone: Amethyst.
  • His Priority Psalm: 22, to read in the Bible.

The personality of Barachiel's proteges

The proteges of Barachiel are extroverts. These are individuals who know how to make themselves very attractive, until they make enemies: by dint of pleasure we end up being hated! Optimistic and independent, they possess above-average intellectual abilities because of their reasoning and their acuity to grasp the nuances of existence. Life: they usually take it to the good side!

A trait of their personality is to be very focused on faith and belief. They are very fond of places of worship. They are individuals who in their destiny have a very strong mystical period. On the other hand, they can sin by vanity.

There is also a certain lack of tact in their relations with others; And when they are too extroverted, they will tend to be a little too boastful and arrogant, lack personal integrity and want to continually win. But all have the same point of Achilles: pride. A pride sometimes so excessive that it inspires irrational feelings of power. Only prayer can mitigate these feelings.

The possibilities of Barachiel's proteges

By their intelligence, their aura, their ability to charm, even to fascinate, they can practice in areas where pedagogy is indispensable: they make excellent philosophers, teachers, men of God, lawyers, magistrates or speakers of all kinds. They know how to captivate an audience.

By their innate flair, they can also achieve and succeed in the areas of money exchange: they are usually very good sellers, stockbrokers, bankers. But to succeed fully, they will have to channel their energy in order to focus on achieving a result. They will also have to control their agitation and their emotions.

As for their innate gift of attracting luck, they must use it as soon as possible because, with age, this gift tends to wither. If this gift is not maintained or if it is used for questionable profits, it can even completely disappear.

The feelings of Barachiel's protégés

In love, Barachiel's proteges tend to seek “crazy love” knowing that in most cases it is only found in American soap operas! For the most part, this results in serious romantic disappointments, unnecessary complications due to unhealthy shyness. But hope keeps Barachiel's proteges alive ...

In friendship, they are amazing. The first to be convinced are its own followers! Indeed, they can have friends in all socio-professional categories, on the right and on the left… and get along with everyone without the slightest difficulty! Barachiel's proteges are so attractive! And then maybe luck attracts luck?

Barachiel's priority areas

You can appeal by invoking this Angel, regardless of your Angel-protector for the following priority areas:

  • To attract money luck.
  • Against financial problems.
  • To bless people and places.
  • To consecrate his house.
  • To force thieves to return their booty.
  • For justice cases.
  • To have a good game

You can ask Barachiel for help. This may be appropriate, if you wish it helps you to settle in the current month, an embarrassment, an obstacle ... which is of his particular competence. If this is the case, click here.

 Ancient Summon of Barachiel




Know also that this Ancient Invocation, apart from its verbal use, can be used in a calligraphic manner, on parchment.
You have the possibility to either manufacture them yourself (click here to find out how), then to have them blessed by a Priest, or to command them (click here if this is the case).

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