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Eugenie Koy

Lord, thank you for delivering me from the hands of satan, from you the evil spirits introduced into my body, my house, my finances, all the blockages. Delivered also all the members of my family and that we can have a cohesion in this year 2019. May the Virgin be able to present my prayers in the manger of […]

nicolas mangala

good evening here is my concern I ask you for the ritual to fulfill all my immediate wishes, desires and dearest and craziest wishes in all areas of my life to earn colossal winnings regularly at games and to attract very large amounts of colossal money and supreme luck and […]


I ask you to pray for me so that my friend Tony is faithful and that we are happy in love and that we make a united couple I ask a prayer for more to have financial worries thank you for your holy prayers God bless you Betachiel is my archangel

Marie Jose Jacques

Dear Angel Yabamiah, I implore you today for my husband Philippe JACQUES of whom you are the first protective angel. I beg you to regenerate his body recently damaged by disease, help him to heal completely and free him from all the evils which spoil his earthly life. Leave it to me for many more years on […]


Lord Jesus, I ask your forgiveness for having sinned against you, have mercy on me, in your merciful love grant me forgiveness and give me health of body, soul and spirit. AMEN


- May Almighty God grant me His powerful material and financial blessings in abundance, humility and love of neighbor. - May God deliver me from all consequences of ancestral and familiar curses. - May Almighty God deliver my wife Anne-Marie from all persecution and grant me a prompt return from my Anne-Marie who […]

Wenceslas Severin

Lord Jesus gives the grace to have your gifts so that you can better spread your gospel throughout the world. For that I implore you to do me this favor to obtain this work of Technicians of Medical Biology. By default nurse which I adore time. I say thank you to you for having exorcised me. Amen.